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BlazBlue RR – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

BlazBlue RR, also known as BlazBlue Revolution Reburning, is a new arcade-style anime beat-em-up for the iOS and Android platforms. This is the latest in the BlazBlue series of fighting games, visual novels, animes and mangas. You can quest through levels in which you beat up increasingly difficult enemies and bosses, unlock new characters and equipment, and collect coins, seithr and diamonds. Read on for some tips and tricks for BlazBlue RR!

There are a ton of fighting techniques, and if you want to use all of them as you see fit, don’t bother with the options menu. You can set the game to auto-fight in the options menu, and you can do it by area (Story Mode, Infinity Tower, PvP etc). Do this and you can still fight manually by tapping the directional buttons, but if you let the game sit there for a couple of seconds, it will start auto-fighting for you again.

Upgrade your equipment and your hero as you earn the supplies to do so, in order to make it easier to fight through tougher and tougher levels. In addition, you’ll earn hero cards via either drops in battle or prizes outside of battle. Once you have enough hero cards, you can use them to unlock a new hero.

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Go through the strongholds as quickly as you can to speed up your unlocking of the rest of the features in the game. Almost all of the features are behind unlock walls. Challenge levels are one of these. Immediately, you can do the WiFi battle which allows you to go up against people who are on your same WiFi network, and when you unlock five heroes you can do the real-time battle against people who are not on your local network. Others, such as the infinity tower, can be unlocked after you pass specific strongholds.

Once you pass Stronghold 15, you can unlock raid mode, which allows you to beat a level right away. Use this when you want to load up on quick experience and enhancement materials, as well as coins and seithr, but you don’t want to spend the time fighting or auto-fighting to earn it.

If you need more of a specific type of item, hero card or anything else, tap on the picture of the item and a pop up will appear that tells you where you can find it. Most items can be found in specific strongholds, so go to the listed strongold and play it until you earn the target item as a drop.