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Breakneck – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Win, and Strategy Guide

Breakneck is a new super-speedy ship racing endless runner game by PikPok for the iOS platform. Your goal in this game is to go as far and pass as many zones as you can, all without crashing, because one crash will end your run immediately. You can collect various forms of currency, such as gold coins and purple stones, purchase power-ups, and listen to some good music all at the same time. Read on for some tips and tricks for Breakneck!

Live a little bit dangerously in this game. You’re going to need to go fast in order not to run out of time, so ride next to the walls. Riding next to the walls will power up your nitro meter, and when it’s got power in it, you can hold the left and right buttons at the same time to boost your speed. Wait until you get the notification that the pursuer is close in order to use your boosters.

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After you lose on a run, there are two ways to restart. You can watch an advertisement video and you will be able to restart your run for free. Or you can pay 10 purple stones and you will restart your run. Otherwise, you’re right back at the beginning after your run is ended.

If you want to get some of the purple stones for free, go to the IAP store and you will have the option to complete offers for a varying amount of purple stones, or watch advertisement videos for 10 stones apiece. You can watch the videos for as long as you want, until they run out. When they run out, wait a good ten or twenty minutes, and/or close out the game and then open it back up again, and they will come back quickly.

After each zone, your pursuer will reset back to their position, so if you were being closely pursued when you hit the checkpoint, you won’t be anymore. That said, your boost will also go away, so there’s no point in saving up your boost. Use it while you got it, and use it while you have a good long straightaway, or something resembling it.

Your gold coins will let you purchase power-ups, but the power-ups will not become available until you level up. The longer the distance that you go in a level, the more experience you get per run. Since there is no energy limit stopping you from playing over and over, though, this doesn’t really matter too much. Just keep playing again and again to boost your experience and unlock your power ups.