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Color Fill 3D: Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, and Strategy Guide

Color Fill 3D is a new casual puzzle game for the iOS and Android platforms that’s both relaxing and challenging at the same time. Your goal is to fill all of the empty blocks on the screen with the color of your block, while simultaneously avoiding all of the obstacle blocks so that you don’t lose your run.

You can make it from the easy stages at the beginning to much tougher stages later on; plus, you can purchase all kinds of new backgrounds, and even new colors for the blocks on the screen.

Read on for some tips and tricks for Color Fill 3D!

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When you surround a set of empty spaces with your color, you’ll transform them all to that color, just like in the series. Usually, in the first round of the game, the obstacle blocks either won’t exist or won’t move, so you can easily surround the entire level with obstacle blocks.

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Once you get to the levels with the moving obstacles, though, you’ll have to use a bit of strategy to get rid of the blocks. Make small block squares/rectangles, and when the obstacle blocks run into them, they’ll disintegrate, giving you more room to work with in order to beat the level.

Whatever you do, don’t run into any obstacle blocks, and don’t run into your own block trail before you finish it. Like in Snake, you’ll crash out and your run will be over if you run into your own block trail.

Instead, run into your own complete blocks to finish your block rectangle, or run into a blank wall to finish it. Either way works just as well, and often, running into the blank wall is the quicker, faster way to go.

You’ll be able to earn various kinds of gems. Pink gems can be earned by collecting them in the middle of each level, or you can watch ad videos in order to earn five of them each. Each video is worth five pink gems.

Pink gems can be spent in the shop menu, and can earn you a new background design. It won’t affect what sort of appearance is going on in the foreground, but it will give you a more unique background design than just a plain white screen.

The yellow gems can buy you a new color palette for each level; these are a bit tougher to earn. Each yellow gem represents one level beaten, so you earn more yellow gems by beating each level.

If you want to make less ads appear, then all that you have to do is put your phone into airplane mode before you play the game, or purchase the No Ads mode. Putting your phone into airplane mode also takes away the 5-gem videos; the No Ads mode still allows you to watch an ad video for five gems whenever you want to.


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