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Johnny Trigger: Walkthrough, Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Johnny Trigger is a new platformer for the iOS and Android platform where you tap to shoot enemies as you pass through levels. Your character does their own sick spin moves, and then as the laser sight passes, you take your shot.

You can rescue hostages, blow up various implements to do even more damage, buy new outfits and weapons, and more as you go through the game.

Read on for the full tips and tricks for Johnny Trigger!

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You don’t have to have 100% shooting accuracy in this game; all that you have to do is shoot each opponent that you pass. If you pass an opponent and leave them unhit, they will shoot you and end your run, forcing you to start the level back over.

Watch out for gasoline drums, TNT boxes, and other explosive implements, which will usually be in red. When you shoot them, they’ll blow up all nearby enemies, allowing you to save bullets.

Make sure that they hit everyone though. If an enemy is just a little bit too far away, they’ll survive the blast, so you will have to take them out manually. So be sure to hit them on the next pass.

Every five levels, you’ll go up against a boss. The boss has to be shot over and over in order to drain all of their health, but as long as you don’t miss a shot, you’ll avoid taking a hit by them, so simply keep waiting for the laser to pass over so that you can tap.

You can earn cash by taking out opponents, especially with headshots, and then as you pass by stores within levels (they show up randomly), you’ll be able to buy more guns. New guns can have more power, more range, and a higher frequency fire rate.

To maximize your gun earnings, take every video offer for bonus cash that you can find. And whenever you have an offer to watch an ad video in exchange for a free gun, take that, too, so that you can build up your gun collection.

New outfits can also be earned occasionally as a bonus. Unlike guns, outfits will not change the gameplay at all. They will, however, change the look of your character.

If you don’t want Johnny Trigger to use your data to send you personalized ads, hit the settings menu and tap on “Withdraw Consent”. Or to get rid of the ads altogether, put the game in airplane mode before you play it.


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Jayson Kennedy

Monday 24th of February 2020

All you have to do is have someone call you every time you want to skip a level and you can literally only maybe have too watch 3 seconds of the ad. With that being said, you can get to any level you want. Thanks guys. Hope this tip/ helps...