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Combo Quest 2 – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide, Page 2

Go back to the game to claim your rewards as often as possible. You can get a chest every 4 hours and a key every 8 hours. A key will allow you to play a special round where every 6 rounds or so, you’ll open a new chest. The further you get, the more chests you will be able to open and the better rewards you will be able to win.

Gems can be found for free while playing the game and in gem chests, and they are extremely important to have because they will allow you to level up your companion, your hero or your item. Your item can also be found in its evolved form in chests, meaning you won’t have to spend gems on it to have the upgraded version.

In addition to leveling your heroes and your companions, you can earn new moves for them. To unlock these new moves, you’ll have to unlock duplicates of your heroes and your companions when you open chests. Your companions’ new moves are stronger versions of their old moves; your heroes’ new moves will provide additional boosts in battle.

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Gauge your own tapping skill and accuracy when you are trying to determine how quickly to use your swipe attacks. If you are still tapping confidently, not getting attacked, and don’t think you will lose your chain, go for the higher multipliers. Before getting the hang of it perfectly though, it’s generally advised to either use your swipe attack as quickly as possible, or to use it as soon as the next enemy appears on the screen.

Full heal should only be used if you are extremely close to dying. If you are missing a little bit of health, and the option is between full heal and max health, go for max health instead, as it will be added immediately to your available health stash as well. Max health is often one of the best bets in general, just because it makes you harder to kill.

Practice being able to tap with two fingers, rather than just one. This will allow you to go a whole lot further into each round, tap large combinations of overlapping blocks, and not get overwhelmed when everything starts moving at an extreme speed.

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