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Crosswords With Friends – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Crosswords With Friends is a new “with Friends” game by Zynga for the iOS and Android. You can knock out crossword puzzles from famous sources, compete against your friends, and even enter tournaments and collect coins. You can even play puzzles from past days. Read on for some tips and tricks for Crosswords With Friends!

If you can’t figure out the word that you are on, then you have two choices if you don’t want to use a hint. Switch to another word, for one. For the other choice, tap on the question itself. This will change it from an across question to a down question. Solving a bunch of down words in a row can make the across words that much easier, for obvious reasons.

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Coins can be used for playing past puzzles. There is one puzzle per day, with each past puzzle costing 10 coins. If you want to get more coins for free, go to the coin store, then go to the video button, which will give you bonus coins in exchange for watching an ad video. You can watch as many of them as you like in exchange for free coins. Hit the “Earn Free” button for an offer wall for coins.

The coins can mainly be used for two things. The first is that they can be used to buy a hint once you run out of the free forms of hints. Save the hints until you’re stuck both down AND across. The other is, of course, the past puzzles.

If you want to play a whole bunch of extra free puzzles, you can go to the bonus puzzles button to find a massive list of them. There are lots of them here, and there are lots more being added regularly. These are typically sponsored puzzles by companies such as Progressive.

Complete achievements in order to earn a whole lot more free coins. If you don’t know what the achievements are, go to your Profile button, then tab over from Stats to Achievements. You’ll see a huge list of challenges to complete in the game, and when you finish them, you’ll be able to collect a fresh batch of free coins.