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Drifto: Tips, Cheats, Tricks, and Strategy Guide

Drifto is a popular new drifting game for the iOS and Android platforms. your goal is to drift through various levels, unlocking new cars and new levels as you make your way through the game, and earning coins in the process. You can test your skills and modify the game to your liking in order to maximize the gameplay.

Read on for a collection of tips and cheats for Drifto!

Coins are the currency of the game, and you earn more coins based on how long you can drift for, how steep of an angle you can drift, and based on your multipliers, which can be added based solely on how long you can go for. You’re going to want to earn as many coins as possible, because coins are what you used in order to unlock literally everything.

Some cars will earn you points faster than other cars, and by extension, more coins as well. It’s not the cars that you would expect, either; for example, the very first car that you begin the game with will typically earn you more coins than the first car that you unlock.

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By the same token, just because a stage cost more to unlock, doesn’t mean that it will be more difficult. For example, the first stage, the touge, tends to be far more difficult than the indusso, which is the second stage. Later stages will tend to make it a little bit easier to earn coins, and tend to have completely different shapes than other stages.

Each car will have three different statistics associated with it; these statistics will be acceleration, handling, and top speed. These statistics will make it easier to drift faster and at a steeper angle, which, for the most part, should make it easier to earn points, although sometimes a car with higher handling will earn points slower if the speed is entire to match.

If you want to keep a multiplier going for a long time, then a good way to do so is, when you hit a straightaway, drift slowly back-and-forth, side to side, in order to keep the multiplier going. Then, when you hit the next turn, do your usual drifting and your multiplier will get even higher. This will very easily allow you to maximize coins and points.

Unlike in real life drifting competitions, there are no points or bonuses given here for smooth transitions. Don’t try to transition smoothly from left to right or right to left. Instead, simply focus on avoiding crashes, so that you can stay in the stage and earn as many points as possible.