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Final Fantasy XV: War for Eos – Tips, Cheats, Tricks, and Strategy Guide

Final Fantasy XV: War for Eos is a new strategy game before the iOS and Android platforms, the second strategy game based off of Final Fantasy XV by Machine Zone, and the first game since Game of War: Fire Age to be released under the Machine Zone imprint. This game has you controlling Noctis, Lunis, Gladiolus, and Prompto, as you battle against the forces of Niflheim to secure your kingdom. you can earn gold, stone, food, metal, and energy, train troops, and even unlock other heroes besides the big four.

Read on for a list of tips and tricks for Final Fantasy XV: War for Eos!

When you first start out the game, there is a lot to do and a lot of dialogue coming out you all at once. Your best bet is to follow the quests that are given within the game for an indefinite period of time, until the time that you want to start to take control and deviate from the quests in order to do your own work.

Be sure to upgrade all of your buildings, not just the Citadel and the hero hall. Upgrade your resource buildings in order to generate more resources over a shorter period of time, and upgrade your resource vault in order to protect more resources from the attacks that other players execute.

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You will be able to unlock more and rarer heroes as you go through the game, so be sure to open as many packages in the hero hall as you can. Go to the heroes menu in the bottom bar in order to upgrade and rank up your heroes. The more powerful that your heroes are, the better your chances of winning the toughest battles. Be sure to upgrade and rank up the rare and epic heroes first, because these upgrades will have more of an effect.

You can expand your territory and unlock new barracks to train different types of troops by fighting in battles around your land. This piece of gameplay helps to stop and the whales from dominating the server without actually going through single player gameplay, and gives regular players more of a chance. Expand your territory as quickly as possible in order to facilitate training different types of trips, and more troops at the same time.

You can re-organize your land and place your buildings wherever you want to, but the placement of each building doesn’t matter. This game is not like Clash of Clans, or players drop troops manually in order to knock out the best buildings. It’s more like Game of War, where players simply throw troops at rivals in order to win the battle.

Look around the world map for more than just other kingdoms to invade. You can go on recruiting runs to add new troops to your army, find resource gathering places to station your troops and amass resources, and when you join a guild, you and your guild members will be able to battle and slay the iron giant.