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Flip Skater: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, Hacks, and Strategy Guide

Flip Skater is a new iOS and Android game where you skate on half-pipes, do tricks, and earn coins. Your goal is to get as many coins and gems as possible so that you can unlock new locations, new skaters, new boards, new tricks, and more. Read on for some tips and tricks for Flip Skater!

When you’re skating, watch your character’s spin and aim them so that the board is straight when they land. You can aim it slightly to the left or to the right to move around to different parts of the half-pipe, which is important on stages where you have ramps of varying height, but in general, always aim the board straight in order to execute the perfect landing.

The more successful jumps you do, the faster you’ll go. As you gain speed, the timing for starting and stopping your tricks will change, but you’ll be able to do more spins in one jump. The more spins that you do in a single jump, the more points you earn for the trick. Some tricks are tougher than others to pull off, but the tricks that are tougher to pull off are generally the ones that get you the most points.

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Almost everything is earned from the prize machine. Take a spin at the prize machine for a chance at earnings either a new location, a new skater, a new board, or a new trick. Skaters and boards all have varying stats, with the better skaters being the rarer ones, and the more common ones having the lower stats.

You can also use coins to do direct upgrades to your skaters and your boards. For your skaters, you can upgrade style, which earns you more points while you ride. You can also upgrade earnings, which allows you to collect more coins while you ride. When it comes to your board, you can upgrade max height and acceleration, which are self-explanatory.

In addition to doing tricks to earn coins, also be sure to physically collect the random coins that pop up on each level when you’re playing. If you see a piñata floating above the pipe, jump and collect it once you get high enough. Piñatas contain a large quantity of coins, so collect every one that you can. They won’t always show up, but when they do, they’ll be worth large bonuses.


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