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Star Skater (Star Sk8r) – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How To Beat, and Strategy Guide

Star Skater, also known as Star Sk8r, is Halfbrick Studios’ new skateboarding game for the iOS and Android. It’s part time trial game and part trick fest, as your goal is either to make it to the end of the level on time, or with enough points from tricks, or even both. Read on for some tips and tricks for Star Skater!

If you want to get down the hill as quickly as possible, you’ll have to turn wisely, and that means not turning insanely hard. You turn harder or softer depending on how high up on the screen your finger is (down low = hardest turn, and up high does the least turn). Either tap quickly on the lower part of the screen to execute quick short turns or slide your finger up the screen to turn only a little bit.

To keep the speed high, do what you would normally do in a car racing game, and “clip the apex”. Start on the outside of a turn, start the turn early, and clip the inside corner. Basically, do as little of a turn as possible, and give yourself enough room to do just that.

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A good trick or two can make up for a lack of speed and can even give you one or two more stars than otherwise on the end of a stage, allowing you to have a little bit more room for error as far as the time goes. When you go off a jump, turn hard in either direction to do a spin move. Or hold both sides of the screen to do a switchfoot for a quick few points.

You can earn Sk8 Bucks in the game, generally by opening gifts or watching free videos. With enough cash you can buy new characters. They all perform the same way but they add an element of collection to the game. Plus, at the end of each lost round, you can watch a free video to continue, or spend a magic burrito in order to revive.

Start your turn a little bit early and end your turn a little bit early, as it takes your skater awhile to shift their momentum. You’ll see the skateboard turn about half a second before your skater actually begins to make their move.