Flyff All Stars: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

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Flyff All Stars is a brand new action RPG by Mobblo, makers of the original MMORPG Flyff Online, which drew as many as 50 million players at a time at one point. This new game retains much of the elements of the MMO style of the original while bringing in lots of mobile elements, such as the gacha and the card collection elements. You can quest through many single player and multiplayer stages in this game while earning gold, gems, crystals and a bunch of other goodies. Read on for some tips and tricks for Flyff All Stars!

While it starts off fairly easy, it is not long before this game begins to get difficult due to tough battles. WOrk on upgrading your characters to pass through the tough stages. The main way to do so, of course, is to level them up. Go back to the old stages, the most recent ones that you have beaten, and play them again to grind for experience points until you level your party up sufficiently to toughen them up for the difficult stages.

Grinding is a good way to win easy gold and new characters, too, which are both useful for upgrading. Upgrade the rarest cards in your party and use the most common cards with the lowest star ratings as the sacrifices. Upgrades will add to the base stats of your cards, causing their overall stats to increase more with every experience level. The more stars your active party cards are, the more you can upgrade them, up to once per star in the tier.

Finally, you can also upgrade by merging your fighters or forging weapons for them. Forging costs crystals and earns random weapons, armor and shield – sometimes they will be powerful and highly leveled, while other times not so much, so you will have to spend more crystals for new stuff. Be sure to lock in the equipment that you want to keep, and leave the other stuff unlocked so that it will go away when you reforge.

Merging can only be done to two cards of the same star tier that are at their maximum experience level. You will earn one card of a higher star tier in exchange for sacrificing the two of them. The card that you earn, though, will be entirely random aside from the star tier.

The gacha is your best chance of earning rare characters. Save up your crystals so that you can play the premium gacha, which gives you a chance at a 3-star to a 7-star card. The most common cards will be four star cards; always make sure that the rarest cards are put into your party. If you need to, go back to old stages and beat them again to level up new cards and get them caught up.

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