Game of Thrones: Ascent: Tips and Tricks – The Strategy Guide

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Game of Thrones: Ascent is a massively popular MMO for the iPad and Facebook platforms, as well as other browser-based platforms. The game is exactly what you think it would be. You take the role of a lord somewhere in Westeros, with allegiance sworn to one of the main kingdoms, and your goal is to eventually unite all of Westeros under your rule. Read on for some tips and tricks for Game of Thrones: Ascent!

-The game has been known to have a lot of crashes, lag, and other stuff to the point that it can be unplayable. If you’re playing on one of your browsers, switch to a different browser or the iPad, and if you’re on the iPad, switch to one of the browsers.

-When you download the game on an iPad, if you already have an account, go to the options menu and connect it to your Facebook/Kongregate etc account to merge the accounts together and keep the progress going on multiple platforms.
-Sworn Swords can be a pain to constantly tap and collect from, so assign different ones to different missions (PtP, PvP, etc).

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-If you want to be able to hire more Sworn Swords, gain experience levels. Every fifth level that you gain, you’ll unlock the ability to hire another Sworn Sword.
-You’ll have multiple options as far as how to complete a quest with a Sworn Sword. Choose a style that plays to their particular strengths, and to the particular method of diplomacy (or lack thereof) that you want to foster in your kingdom.

-Chapters are mandatory to complete before you move on; tasks, quests and bonus goals are not, and thus can be completed at your leisure. You’ll earn more rewards for completing them, and for completing entire chapters.
-Sworn Swords will die if they take up to 5 wounds, so if they get wounded, let them heal, or else you’ll have to hire a new Sworn Sword.
-Choose your fealty depending on which background you chose. Consider the various benefits of the background (intrigue, battle, barter, etc) before choosing your house.

-Need more friends for your alliance? Look for people who have posted on Facebook, App Store etc, and are looking for adds. Or post for yourself so that other people can add you. The comment section of this article works just as well for that.
-Is your alliance stuck at a particular rank? Start raiding other alliances and winning, and your rank will increase rapidly.

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