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Garfield: My Big Fat Diet – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Garfield: My Big Fat Diet is a new game for the iOS and Android by Crazy Labs with gameplay based off of the Cheating Tom franchise. Artie has forced you onto a diet, so your goal, as Garfield, is to steal food from customers in the diner so that you can satisfy your hunger, and to do so without Artie catching you. You can collect power-ups to help you get the food without alerting Artie, and Cheating Tom himself even shows up to help you along. Read on for some tips and tricks for Garfield: My Big Fat Diet!

Early on in the game you will be able to hit the shop area for the first time to pick up a lunch box. Each lunch box costs 2,500 coins; many of them contain more coins than that. With each coin prize, you can watch a video to double your prize, and 5,000 to 10,000 coin prizes happen often enough that you can make a consistent profit just by opening lunch boxes consistently.

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You can unlock a number of other outfits for Garfield, each of which will supply a bonus when you wear it. Most of them can be purchased with coins, but some of them can be unlocked by collecting enough of a specific item; for example, if you get 250 pairs of sunglasses, then you unlock the O.G.G., which earns double all of the gold that you pick up inside of the levels.

You unlock five power ups within the levels themselves, and then you can purchase upgrades to make them last longer once you get them. Invisibility makes it so that Artie can’t see you. Odie distracts Artie for awhile, and Time Freeze stops the clock from running down for a bit. Super Cat causes you to eat food twice as fast while the power-up lasts. Pookie makes it so that none of the customers will get mad at you for as long as the power-up is active.

Hit the “Free Stuff” area to earn free coins in exchange for watching videos. You can also earn free coins for following on Instragram, liking on Facebook, or following on Twitter. Additionally, oftentimes a video prompt will show on the main map screen, and if you watch a video from there, you will earn free Tom Tokens.

Tom Tokens summon Tom from the game Cheating Tom. When you use one of them, he will appear and dance, distracting every single person on the screen for a little while. This means that Artie will not see you, and the customers’ anger will not increase as you eat their food.