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Gods Rush: Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategy Guide

Gods Rush is a popular new RPG for the iOS and Android platforms. The gameplay will appeal to fans of games such as Heroes Charge and Summoners War, with similar battling and collecting mated with a storyline that takes you back into the world of Greek mythology, with characters from every story and aspect of the classic Greek myths and legends. Read on for some tips and tricks for Gods Rush!

There are plenty of characters to unlock, but the most important part of building your team is upgrading each of your team members so that they end up becoming insanely powerful. The most basic way to do this is by leveling them up, which, aside from battling, is done by feeding them certain items from your pack, such as Wisdom Potions, which can be earned both in battle and from sweeping. Sweep a stage by going to a level that you have already beaten, hit the “sweep” option, and use it until you run out of sweeping tokens.

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Ascending your hero requires you to have a certain number of the same hero shards, but evolving your hero only requires you to fill all six of their equipment slots. If you know what equipment you need and it is in an old stage, go back to the old stage and sweep it, especially the elite stages. Elite stages are more likely to carry rarer equipment, which will be required for evolving heroes that have already been evolved many times.

Hit the spring for free items on different time intervals, but especially go there to pick up the Aphrodite’s spring once every 48 hours so that you can get a free hero – every tenth Aphrodite spring will have a 100% guarantee of a free hero. Other summons will either earn you hero shards, or bag items, while the Zeus spring will earn shards, although these will typically be much rarer shards.

Gems are the premium currency of the game. One way to earn free gems is to go to the in-app purchase store and hit the “free gem” icon towards the upper right corner. This will open up the TapJoy offer wall; use all of the free offers and videos on this to earn free gems.

You can lose a battle if all of your party dies or if you come up against the time limit, so if you get stuck on a particularly tough stage, go to the last stage that you could beat reliably, or go to the other difficulty tier that you haven’t beaten yet (normal or elite) to grind for experience points and items. Or go to the Arena, Trials, or elsewhere depending on how far along you are.