Guide to Halloween Town for iOS: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Halloween Town is a new game by Tap Pocket, created to celebrate the Halloween season but fun to play all year round. Your goal is to fill your village with all kinds of monsters and halloween style items, ranging from zombies to unlucky rats to vampires to potions, and then cross breed as many of them as possible. You also clear out trees, rocks and other obstacles in your town in order to make room for even more monsters. Read on for some tips and tricks for Halloween Town!

From the beginning, you’ll have a number of monsters, but the mummy, the rat and the pumpkin (the ones that you begin with) can’t earn that many coins before you have to stop and collect from them. You should immediately start placing more monsters in your village, such as the zombie in the grave or the potion, which can earn you 430-450 coins every few hours. Place multiples if you have the means to do so.

If you place the zombie in the grave, start cross breeding it with some of the other monsters, such as the rat or the mummy. The resulting hybrids will be able to earn even more coins than the original monsters will. To make them cross breedable, you will need to feed them with scary, which will turn them into adults, enable them to earn coins faster and enable them to crossbreed.

Put down even more farm plots in order to earn more scary at the same time. You can plant pumpkins, pineapples, watermelons or papayas depending on how much scary you want and how long you want to wait for them.

No matter what you are waiting for, be it to collect coins, to collect scary from crops that are ready to harvest, or to wait for a monster to be done crossbreeding, or even to clear out trees and rocks, use the iPhone time cheat to speed it up by setting the date and time ahead. Set it ahead, then go back to the game and everything will be ready to collect. Set the time back to normal and go back to the game, and everything will still be ready to collect, so you can do this trick as many times as you want.

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