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Hoppy Frog – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Hoppy Frog is a new platformer for the iOS and Android. The name and homage appear to advertise it as a clone of Flappy Bird, but in practice it plays more like a side-scrolling version of Frogger mixed with Super Mario Bros. Your goal is to collect as many golden flies as you can while avoiding the hungry shark and other enemies that pop up. Read on for some tips and tricks for Hoppy Frog!

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Your method of crossing the clouds is to jump from cloud to cloud in a short enough time span to escape the shark. Some clouds seem like they are too far away to jump to, but if you double-tap the screen, and then hold the second tap, you’ll deploy a parachute which, if you tap it while you’re still on the up part of the jump, will make you fall very slowly. Let go of the screen to stow the parachute and fall as normal.

Dark clouds are the trickiest of the clouds, and are one of the best places to make use of the parachute. Jump off of them as quickly as absolutely possible because they will begin to drop right away. If they fall too fast, tap the screen to deploy the chute VERY quickly after jumping for the longest possible amount of floating time.

If you jump over a cloud, though, and you don’t eat the fly, you will end up not earning the point. Your points are based not upon how many clouds you can pass, but upon how many flies you can eat. If you fall in front of a cloud, though, your frog will extend his tongue out and eat the fly to earn you the extra point.

Watch out for other obstacles and dangers besides the shark (which eats you after you stay on a cloud for too long or fall into the water). For example, an eel will be bouncing out of the water between clouds at times, so you have to time your jump to fly over the eel or you will end up losing.

It’s easiest to jump to the next platform when you deploy the parachute RIGHT when your frog stops rising and starts dropping. You’ll fly straight when you do this, and when you let go of the screen, your frog will drop quickly (rather than slowly like if you let go on the upswing), making it easy to fall onto the platform of your choice.