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Another Case Solved: Tips and Tricks Guide – Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Another Case Solved is a new match three puzzle game for the iPhone and iPad. You play as a young rookie private investigator whose goal is to find out what’s behind the candy ban in your city, but you have to start from the bottom. You will begin taking minor cases and work your way up to taking some of the biggest cases in the history of your town. Read on for some tips and tricks for Another Case Solved!

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Newspapers are where you find your minor jobs, and because they only come at specific time intervals, they tend to be the “energy” of the game. If you don’t want to wait for more newspapers to arrive, simply go to the settings on your iPhone or iPad, and set the time forward. Go back to the game, and you will have newspapers with minor cases ready to be solved.

The same thing is true for the intervals at which free Candy is ready to be delivered. Candy typically comes every hour and a half or so, but if you don’t want to wait for it to show up, again, set the time ahead in the date and time settings of your device, and then go back to the app. You will have free candy ready for you to collect.

At the end of a round of play, if you have moves left over that you haven’t used, you will get bonus cash time. Don’t collect your gold coins yet, though, because each coin that you collect counts as making a move. Instead, use your bonus moves to make even more combinations of objects. After your moves run out, you will have to collect all of the Gold coins anyways before you proceed. You will earn a lot more cash this way.

Solving cases can often be a major pain to do, so if you are having trouble on a major case, click on your newspaper and go play multiple minor cases in order to collect stars. Take the stars to the skill store and go purchase some new skills. Each of the new skills works to make it easier to solve a particular case. Save up your cash, as well, so that you can go to the store and purchase refills of the tools that you use during the match three rounds.

Every time that you gain an experience level, look out for some new furniture that you can buy, as well as other decorations for your office. It’s not just for looks; every piece of furniture or decoration that you can purchase, aside from new paint for the walls, has a practical use as well.