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How to play Blood Brothers for iPhone and Android: FAQ, Walkthrough and Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to the beginner’s guide to Blood Brothers for the Android OS and iOS! This game, the latest smash hit by Mobage Inc, puts you in the position of a vampire who summons undead spirits, known as “familiars” to fight against other undead spirits and assorted monsters. In order to do this you must bind them to you by blood, hence the name. Your goal is to go on adventures, find treasure, defeat enemies, and eventually challenge the evil Dynast-King and his crew of monsters. Read on for the beginner’s guide to Blood Brothers!

As you start off the game after picking your main character, you are put right into the middle of Adventure Mode with your first comrade, a temporary companion who is only there for the tutorial. Adventure mode sends you into a series of zones, 9 zones in total, where you progress through a map. You take one step at a time by tapping the arrow next to your character, with each step costing you 1 energy to take.

Usually, when you take a few steps, you will come across an enemy familiar, who you have to battle and defeat. Once you do, you can move on. You can also find various treasure chests, such as normal chests, coffers, and a reliquary. Normal chests can be opened right on the spot, but coffers and reliquaries have more valuable treasure in them, and they will be opened at the end of the round.

Sometimes, during an adventure, the road will fork, forcing you to choose which direction that you want to go. If you click on the “map” tab, you can see a map of the entire zone. The map also shows you where every enemy and treasure is, with enemies being represented by red dots and treasure being represented by yellow dots. Use the map to help you decide what direction to go in at that point.

When you beat an enemy character, sometimes, a pop up saying “Pact Time” will appear. This means that you can take a chance at forging a pact with a familiar, meaning binding them to you by blood (effectively turning them into one of your fighters). It’s like a card battle game, but with different terminology. You can use a Heartsblood to have a sure shot at acquiring the new familiar, or a Bloodmeal for a 50/50 chance at earning the familiar.

The complete guide to Blood Brothers!