Iron Force: Get Free Diamonds and Funds

Iron Force, for iOS and Android, is a tank battling game with two main types of currency, both of which will IMMENSELY aid your efforts in the game. Funds are the main form of currency and are mainly used to buy upgrades for your tank. Diamonds, on the other hand, are used to buy an entirely new and more powerful tank! Read on to find out how to get more diamonds and funds for free on Iron Force!

Your main source of funds is simply playing the game and trying to kill as many tanks as possible. Each time that you kill a tank, you’ll earn free funds. In addition, look for funds that have been dropped on the battlefield, and pick those up as soon as you see them, because they can be a huge bonus. In fact, look for funds that tanks have dropped that other people have killed, and go steal those before they other players do.

You’ll earn funds from playing the game even if you go an entire round without killing any tanks. Put these funds to use for your upgrades, so that you can have more kills the next time that you play.

You’ll get diamonds every so often on the battlefield as well. After you or someone else kills a tank, just like the funds (but much more rarely) a diamond will sometimes pop up. When the diamond pops up, go and get it before anyone else does – although you will have to watch out, since everybody who sees it is going to be going for it.

Each time you gain an experience level, you’ll earn one free diamond. Save these diamonds and eventually, you’ll end up with enough with a tank upgrade.

Finally, if you connect the game to Facebook, you will receive an instant bonus of three free diamonds.