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Mortal Kombat X (iOS/Android): Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Mortal Kombat X is the mobile version of the new console entry into the Mortal Kombat series. Like mobile versions of previous NetherRealm fighting games, this is a hybrid fighter/card battler with swipe controls and combo attacks, but of course, this being Mortal Kombat, some extra-gory fatalities are added in as well (including the hilarious selfie fatality). Read on for some tips and tricks for the mobile version of Mortal Kombat X!

Always make sure to use your Koins to improve on your kollection. You can spend Souls on premium kard packs, as well, but if you want to max out your card quality without using Souls, go to the individual card section of the store and look around for silver and gold players who can be purchased using koins. They’re gonna kost (nevermind, I’ll stop) a lot, but build up your koins for long enough and you’ll be able to purchase even the expensive ones.

Fatalities are fun and gory. Wanna unlock fatalities? You are going to have to have a character who supports their use, typically a Mortal Kombat star, not a generalized character (e.g. Lin Kuei or Trooper). Check your info to see what level you unlock said fatality at, then level your character up to that level. Fight with them in your team, finish the battle with that character, and then you’ll be able to execute the fatality.

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In addition to gaining experience levels, upgrades to your fighters can be done in a number of ways. Purchase or find a duplicate fighter card to merge the two identical cards together, which increases the stats of the original one. Purchase a support card for a permanent buff to be added to your team. Make sure to organize your team in such a way as to facilitate extra bonus. Look at the characters’ profiles to see what buffs they add to the entire team.

Use blocks wisely; the tougher the battle, the more necessary the blocks will be. A good general rule is to block, then when the enemy’s attack is successfully blocked, they will pause for a bit. Immediately unleash a combo attack of your own, then block again when you anticipate that their attack is coming, likely right after your combo is done.

Don’t forget to participate in game modes aside from the regular single-player battle mode. You will find various prizes in the tournament mode and others that won’t be available in the single player modes, but you will have to play to find out what they are. Some of them haven’t even been added to the game yet.