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Olympus Rising – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Olympus Rising is a new iOS and Android strategy game by flaregames. It has a city-building component resembling Game of War, but the battles are far more active, in which you control a hero and his or her armies as you conquer various islands, collect the gold and ambrosia that they hold, and rebuilt Mount Olympus. Read on for some tips and tricks for Olympus Rising!

This game is far more battle-oriented than others like it, so if you are not constantly battling in an effort to conquer islands, then you’re not going to get very far. Battles will earn you sources of tributes, as well as immediate rewards and quest completion bonuses.

Collect your gold and ambrosia easily by going to the coin icon, which is the Collect All button, and collecting everything. If you need even more of one or the other currency, head over to the map screen and send your hero to one of your conquered islands to guard it. Guarded islands will produce more resources than unguarded islands will.

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Eventually you unlock a multiplayer mode, so you will need to build your path in a smart way. Place barriers right next to the towers that you build, so that the towers have a longer effect due to the blockading provided by the barriers. Mix up the tower varieties, and tangle up the path as much as you can so that other players have as long of a path as possible to get to your gate.

To progress quickly, hit the current upgrades icon to see what you can do next. Here you can build a suggested building (or upgrade a suggested building), get a new hero, upgrade a type of troop, or reequip the Guard of Thanatos, which protects your Mount Olympus. If something says “requires building upgrade” next to it, then focus on conquering and accumulating gold until you can do the upgrade.

Join an alliance, or create your own alliance, as quickly as possible so that you can do additional quests. Or, you can create your own alliance, although doing so requires you to have a lot of gems. Save up your gems that you earn for free from quests, and don’t spend them on gemming out a construction project, and they will rack up gradually.