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One More Dash – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

One More Dash is a new game from the makers of One More Line that has now become the king of “two-second addiction” games for the iOS and Android. You tap to make a line from one circle to the next, and your goal is to do this as many times as you can without dying. Of course, the dying part always happens at some point, but you can get high scores and collect coins for some fun bonuses. Read on for some tips and tricks for One More Dash!

There are two types of walls that surround each circle. The spiky walls will kill you the second that you touch them. The regular walls will bounce you off if you hit the base of them. However, if you catch the front of them as they are rotating, they will send you flying way off the side of the stage, killing you as well.

You can collect coins which can allow you to purchase new circle characters. There are two purchase menus. The first one changes the color of the background of the level, as well as the colors of your circle. The second one, which can be reached by tapping the lower right button (the white circle button), adds an animation to your circle. Blend any combination of these two together for a totally unique look.

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Aside from collecting coins in each stage, you can watch a free ad video in order to earn more coins. Each one that you watch will earn you three free ones. Plus, you have quests that you can complete on each stage, such as bouncing off of a wall four times or living for fifteen seconds, and so on and so forth. These will give you two coins apiece for completing them.

If you want to get the highest score possible, stop focusing on the coins and start focusing on simply getting to the next circle. You might still earn a coin or two if you time it right, but you will find it much easier to get farther in every stage of this game. If you get too frustrated, take a break for half an hour or so and then come back later.

If you sit on one circle for too long you die automatically. Bounce off of a wall to reset the timer before you die. You will lose a point off of the next circle, unless you have no points left in it, but when you do this, the timer will reset itself.