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PAC-MAN Bounce – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

PAC-MAN Bounce is the latest mobile game in the Pac-Man onslaught that has hit the App Store and Google Play recently. Your goal is to aim the arrows in the right direction, then launch him and watch him take off, eating all of the stars and the key in the process. Of course, your goal is also to avoid the ghosts and all other obstacles, such as falling down random pits. Read on for some tips and tricks for PAC-MAN Bounce!

You can only launch Pac-Man in one direction per stage, but you can turn the round arrows in almost any direction. Turn them and sync them up so that they go through at least one star, if all that you are trying to do is get to the next stage, or three stars, if you want a perfect score.

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If you run out of lives, you can watch a free advertisement video and you will get three lives back. You can also spend ten cherries for a full refill of your lives. You lose a life whether you win or lose the level, so you will have to be extremely careful before you launch Pac-Man out so that you don’t have to keep restarting.

Want some free cherries too? You also have the option to purchase cherries in the IAP store, but if you want them for free, go to the IAP store and you will have the option to watch an advertisement video for three free cherries, as well. Use this if you want to stock up on cherries so that you can buy lives later without having to watch a video every three plays.

Other blocks start appearing later on. A square-circle (squircle) in blue with an arrow in it can’t change directions at all. A white squircle can be moved around. Combine them all together and getting three stars on a level becomes VERY complicated all of a sudden.

You can get past the star gates by collecting enough stars but if you don’t have enough and you want to get past it now, you can pay cherries to do so – another good reason to watch videos for free cherries. Either that, or the game will automatically open the star gate for you automatically after awhile, so you can wait for that to happen and then go to the next level.