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Postknight: 5-Star Equipment and Equipment Set Bonus Guide, Page 3

Illustrious Set Full Set: Health +15%
5-Star Bonuses:
Illustrious Saber: Dodge Rate +6%
Illustrious Shield: %30 chance of health recovery when blocking
Illustrious Mail: Max health +15%
Illustrious Cap: Recover 10 health every 3 seconds in battle

Imperial Set: Full Set: Attack +20%
5-Star Bonuses:
Imperial Hammer: 15% stun chance
Imperial Bulwark: 30% chance health recovery when blocking
Imperial Armor: return 30% of melee damage
Imperial Helm: +10% experience

Tier 5 (Valley of Gold)

Golem Set: Full Set: Accuracy +20%
5-Star Bonuses:
Golem’s Claymore: Critical rate +10%
Golem’s Block: +15% additional defense
Golem’s Guard: +15% health
Golem’s Burgonet: +15% ranged defense

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Halcyon Set: Full Set: Gold Gina +20%
5-Star Bonuses:
Halcyon Unearther: Loot drop rate +10%
Halcyon Shield: Gold gain +10%
Halcyon Armor: Max health +15%
Halcyon Helm: Experience gain +10%

Feral Set: Full Set: Movement Speed +20%
5-Star Bonuses:
Feral Dagger: 20% Stun chance on attack
Feral Buffer: Critical Damage +25%
Feral Cuirass: Critical Rate +10%
Feral Visor: Damage +15%

Nightbane Set: Full Set: Critical Rate +20%
5-Star Bonuses:
Nightbane Saber: 20% damage dealt is recovered as health
Nightbane Guard: Damage +15%
Nightbane Garb: Health +15%
Nightbane Crown: Critical Rate +10%

Divine Set: Full Set: Health +25%
5-Star Bonuses:
Divinity: 15% Stun chance
Divine Aegis: 30% of melee damage taken is returned to enemy
Divine Armor: 10 health points recovered every 3 seconds
Divine Guard: Critical Damage +25%

Everlast Set: Full Set Bonus: Attack +30%
5-Star Bonuses:
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