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Postknight: Girls, Gifts and Relationships – What gifts to give the girls for the most hearts

Postknight is an incremental RPG where you can slay bandits and monsters, deliver packages, but one of the side quests that the game offers is to give gifts to the various girls in the game. By giving gifts you build your relationship with them, and they will give you gifts in return. However, if you give the wrong gift to them, the hearts drop. Read on for the lists of gifts that they like!

One important thing to remember is that if you ignore them and/or do not give them a gift for too long, the hearts drop as well. This happens shockingly quickly, so be sure to give them gifts IMMEDIATELY after the cooldown time ends. You can set the time ahead if you want to shorten the cooldown time and give gifts immediately after giving gifts, or you can set the time backwards to stretch the cooldown time. And now, here is the list of the girls and what they like. (NOTE: Every single one of the girls responds well to any one of the Blossom Festival bouquets. Some of them give 1/2 heart, some of them give a full heart.) ALSO: An items a girl “loves” will give her more hearts than something she “likes”. Blossom Festival bouquets will always give the most hearts though.

Magnolia is found in Pompon Village almost immediately. She loves Mushroom Soup Apple Juice and likes Pancakes, Curry Rice, Green Orchids, Leaf Handkerchiefs, Sweet Delights, Bright Devotion, Honey and Spring Blooms. Also every Blossom Festival bouquet. She doesn’t like coffee or grilled salmon.

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Fleur is also found in Pompon Village shortly after you unlock the potion shop. She loves Curry Rice and Apple Juice and likes Green Orchids, Leaf Handkerchiefs, Honey, Blushing Allure, and Spring Blooms. Also every Blossom Festival bouquet. She also likes grilled salmon, salad and hoop earrings. Dislikes Roast Beef.

Dahlia appears in Shello Bay or in Caldemount, but in order to see her you have to rank up to the B-ranks as a postknight. Also every Blossom Festival bouquet. She loves hoop earrings, beer, coffee, red roses, classic desire or roast beef. She likes mushroom soup, curry rice and peach tea.

Senna shows up in Griffondell. She likes grilled almonds, milk, yellow daffodils, feather pendants, summer charms. Loves grilled salmon. Also every Blossom Festival bouquet. She likes honey, salad and mushroom soup.

Camellia: She is in Caldemount. She loves salad, coffee, peach tea, pink carnations and blushing allures. Also every Blossom Festival bouquet. She likes beer and mushroom soup, and dislikes curry rice and apple juice.

Asteria: She is in the Valley of Gold. She likes Apple Juice, and loves Pancakes, Coffee, Lavender and Bright Devotion bouquets. Also every Blossom Festival bouquet.