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Ragnarok Online: Idle Poring – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

RO: Idle Poring is an officially-licensed idle RPG in the Ragnarok Online universe from Gravity. You can pick a character and modify them almost any way you want to, from the costumes to the equipment, and even their job class. Your character will fight and progress on their own, but you’ll manage every aspect of their customization, while beating bosses and progressing forward. Read on for some tips and tricks for Ragnarok Online: Idle Poring!

Equipment is the very beginning of your customization. As you complete levels you’ll earn more equipment than you know what to do with, so set the game to auto-sell the weakest equipment – the white color and, if you’re advanced enough, the green color. Keep the other stuff around for smelting, or if you really want to load up on the smelt points, keep it all and smelt it all.

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Smelting points are earned when you smelt together up to six pieces of equipment at a time. Sometimes, you’ll earn new equipment from doing the smelting, which can then be equipped on your character. Otherwise, you’ll just earn smelting points, which will allow you to forge new items that you wouldn’t normally be able to earn elsewhere.

Whenever you’re ready to fight the boss and move on to the next level, go to the battle area and hit the challenge button to fight the battle. You’ll win the vast majority of them early on, but as you progress you’ll start to find some of them that you can’t beat. That’s when you’ll have to fight through the stage for awhile, get money and equipment, and power up before you move on.

As your job level grows, you’ll be able to progress and change your job. When the job bar hits level 10, you’ll be able to go from novice to a new job, and then once the job bar hits level 25, you’ll be able to move on to an even more advanced job. With the job comes new perks, as well as new skills that you can put into use during battle – automatically, of course.

Challenges as many bosses as you can as quickly as possible so that you can unlock the rest of the game. For example, once you pass level 10 on the map, you’ll be able to unlock attributes. Once you beat level 20 on the map, you’ll unlock the ability to bring pets with you into battle.