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Shadow Fight 3: List of Promo Codes and How To Find More of Them

Shadow Fight 3 is the first 3D iteration of the Shadow Fight series (with Shadow Fight Arena being the most recent one), and is one of the most popular fighting games of the iOS and Android platforms. You control fighting silhouettes of martial artists and ninjas, with very realistic-looking motions.

You can fight against the computer, as well as difficult bosses, in order to earn big rewards, but the promo codes offered by the developers of the game are also a great source of rewards, and an easy way to get a head start or an advantage.

Read on for a list of codes, how to get more of them, and how to find them in Shadow Fight 3!

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To redeem one of these codeson an Android device, first, you Will have to complete the tutorial at the beginning of the game. After you complete the tutorial, then go to the store, then go to the offers page. Next to the Tapjoy link, there will be a button on the far right that says “Promotional Code”.

As a sidenote, Tapjoy also provides numerous other offers; some of them are completely free, some of them require you to agree to a free trial, and others require you to spend a little bit of money, but all of them provide you with some premium currency in the game. If you are planning on making an in app purchase anyways or want to maximize your bonuses, be sure to utilize what they offer.

This method of redeeming a code only appears on Android platforms; you’re going to have to use an entirely different, and slightly more complicated method when it comes to playing this game on the iPhone and iPad. This is easier to do if you have an Android device also, although it’s not required as long as you have a computer.

For iOS, first, bind your account. Then use an Android device or emulator to log onto your same account. Once you log on with the right device, you will be able to redeem your promo code and exchange it for free stuff.

If you use the above method for an account that is primarily on an iOS device, then you will receive your rewards the second that you log back in with that device. All of the saved information will be the same, so you will be able to pick up right where you left off.

One of the first places to start looking for codes is YouTube. YouTube creators often have codes to share, and this game is a very popular one to post videos of, making this one of the great places to check.

Youtubers often get codes given to them directly from the developers for the purposes of promoting the game, while also allowing said YouTube or to promote their channel at the same time.

Twitch is another great one for the same reason; streamers often have free codes to share. Twitch is the biggest name in streaming, especially video game streaming, and especially since Mixer and many of the other streaming services have gone under, so search there for streams and videos about the game containing codes.

Be sure to watch live streams of the game when you get the chance, so that you can get the codes before anybody else does, except other people who are watching the streams live.

Check the Subreddit for this game, because due to the popularity, the Subreddit is also going to be very active. Go there and look for any post made by other players containing codes, or if you have a code to share that you don’t see posted here, then be sure to share it yourself, as long as it’s still active.

Be sure to also check any threads that players have posted asking for codes, because there is a chance that players will have replied to them, posting a code or two in the comment. You can also share codes with other players that ask if you have any that you don’t see already posted.

Go to the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and then go to the review section. Look at the newest reviews first and older ones next, and look for codes that have been posted in reviews by other players. Some players might not think to do this, so a good way to inspire that spark would be for you to post codes yourself.

You can even read the reviews for whichever platform you aren’t using. Simply navigate to the Apple App Store using your browser if you use an Android device, or navigate to the Google Play Store on your browser if you are using an Apple device. In doing this, you will be able to read all of the reviews that have been posted, even though you won’t be able to post a review of your own.

The official social media channels for the game are a great place to look, as well. Facebook is a logical starting point; go here and look at all of the posts and pictures, and you’re likely to find the codes posted here and there. Be sure to also subscribe to the official page for the game, so that you can see future codes the second that they show up, and not miss them.

There are also a number of extremely popular Facebook groups dedicated to Shadow Fight 3, with upwards of 10,000 members each, hosting massive amounts of private discussion about the game. Join one or more of these groups and you are very likely to find codes, because these are popular places to go to search for codes.

The same thing is true for other social media networks, such as Instagram, VK, TikTok, Chinese social media networks, and YouTube, as well as Twitter. Check all of these, because sometimes the code might appear at one social media channel, but not on the other one; it’s worth it to look at all of them.

You might also find codes on social media that have been posted by other players, rather than by the developers themselves. Often times, players will share codes for free; if you see somebody offering a code in exchange for taking a survey or some other option, though, avoid that, because those are always scams.

Go to all of the comments sections that any of the above sources and search through the comments to look for players that are either asking for codes, or have posted codes of their own. This is especially true with YouTube and Reddit, but is also possible with Facebook and other sources as well. Players without platforms of their own will often use comments sections to share codes.

Discord is another excellent source for codes, because this is where players can chat live about the game. When you find a Discord invite, except the invite and enter the channel, then use the app search bar to look through all of the posts on the channel. Specify all of the posts containing the word “code” or “codes”, in order to make it easy to find one that contains codes.

So far, these are the promo codes that have been released for Shadow Fight 3:






We are constantly checking our sources, so this article continues to get updates whenever more codes for the game are found or released. Be sure to keep checking back here for more codes!


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