Star Wars: Porg Invasion – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Star Wars: Porg Invasion is a new game for Facebook Messenger based off of the movie Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and its most memeable character, the porgs. These cute-but-weird birdlike creatures without beaks have invaded the Millennium Falcon, and are threatening the structural integrity of it by tearing the ship apart. Your goal, as BB-8, is to help Chewbacca fix the ship by keeping the porgs under control. Read on for some tips and tricks for Star Wars: Porg Invasion!

The controls in this game are the reverse of what they are in Angry Birds and other similar games – you don’t tap and drag behind BB-8 to aim, you drag in front of it in order to aim the claw. Try to predict the movement of whatever porg you are aiming at, so that you can catch it mid-movement and keep it from knocking off one of the panels.

When you see either a blue panel icon or a red caution icon, tap it to start Chewie on fixing it. Once he begins fixing it, guard it strongly to make sure that the porgs don’t ruin Chewie’s efforts. Concentrate your claw-shooting efforts around that area until Chewie fixes in, then focus on another area in the same manner.

Power-ups will appear often, especially when you fix a panel. They’ll appear in the area that the panel was in. Grab it and you’ll get one of many boosts. For example, you can shoot three claws out instead of one, or you can grow the claw to a massive size, or you can shoot the claw out at double the normal speed that you are ordinarily be able to.

When you fix all of the panels in a specific area, you will move to a new area via hyperspace, and then when you hit the next sector, more broken panels will pop up, as will more porgs. The further into the sectors you go, the faster the porgs will come, and the more broken panel pieces will pop up, so you’ll have to be quicker in order to fix them before the time runs out.

Your goal, of course, is to earn the highest score possible, and the entire score is based off of how many porgs you catch. If you fix a panel or you jump off to hyperspace, you will move to the next sector and you’ll earn more points per porg that you save, so it behooves you to be at the highest level that you can.

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