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Tap Transcend: Rebirth – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Tap Transcend: Rebirth is a new clicker game for the iOS and Android platforms with a very interesting twist for a game of its kind. You start with one atom, add elements and build your own planet, then your own star, expanding all the way to the point where you are building your own universe. Then you can engage in battle against other players in the battle of the universes to see who has the most dominant universe. Read on for some tips and tricks for Tap Transcend: Rebirth!

At the core of the game, before all of the elements and battle come into play, your goal is simply to earn GP so that you can keep the upgrades flowing. Purchasing the capacity upgrades and the per-tap upgrades is going to be crucial for everything else, such as unlocking new elements and upgrading them to the point of evolution. One of the skills instantly maxes out your GP bar, so use it as soon as you get a specific capacity upgrade to fill the bar for an instant per-tap upgrade.

With these down, you can purchase elements by the boatload. When backtracking to purchase and evolve more elements, you can purchase 10, 25, 50, or 100 of them at a time by tapping on the little X1 and changing it to one of the other above options. With each 100 purchases of an element, you will be able to evolve it which will increase its GP-per-second earnings by one exponent.

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Under the planetary upgrades screen, if you have a pending upgrade, tap the requirements button to see what you need for the upgrade, and in the case of the required element upgrade levels, to do immediate purchases. The one time-consuming variable for anything is KP, which gathers by the second, but the right upgrades can speed along your KP earnings, or Chronosphere (the premium currency of the game) can speed things along. It only costs 10 Chronosphere to instantly upgrade something that you don’t want to wait for.

When you get sick of tapping but you want to earn more GP, go to your planetary screen and look for spaceships to appear that fly around your planet. Tap them to blow them out of the sky and instantly earn GP or Chronosphere.

Collapse the bottom menus and you’ll see a number of other icons, such as the finger icon which, when you tap it, plays a video. Once the video is over, you will receive a bonus that is automatically added, such as double the GP per minute from elements, a KP multiplier, or a tap multiplier.