Tricky Brain Challenge: All Answers and Solutions for All Levels and Questions

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Level 1: To find the different one, start moving around all of the avocados until you find the one with the gray seed, then tap on that one.

Level 2: To find the largest hamster, add all of the hamsters together by dragging them on top of each other to merge them and make a giant hamster, then tap on it.

Level 3: What’s the number under the parked car? Move the car out of the way by dragging it with your finger and the number will be underneath it. Turn your phone upside down to see it.

Level 4: To write down the correct answer, ignore all of the other equations in the question and solve 4+5 as normal. 4+5=9.

Level 5: To find the darkest color on the screen, tap on the question itself, which is written in black font.

Level 6: No smoking. To follow that rule, tap on the burning end of the cigarette with your finger and it will go out.

Level 7: Put the three coins into the piggy bank and then count them. How many are there now? Put the coins in, and then tap the piggy bank to break it, then count all of the coins inside it.

Level 8: What is the minimum amount of cuts needed to cut a circle into 8 parts? 1 cut, because the circle can be folded.

Level 9: To tap the frog above the texts, move the question below the frog by dragging it with a finger, then tap the frog.

Level 10: How many bees? Zoom in on the flower pot with two fingers, then count the bees that are in the flowers as well as the bees that are not in the flowers.

Level 11: To put everything into the chest, put all of the items into the chest, including the question.

Level 12: To tap both of the strings at the same time, tap each end of the rope with two fingers at the same time.

Level 13: To move one matchstick to make the biggest number, change 369 into 965 by moving one stick out of the 9 and into the 3. So type in 965.

Level 14: To find the chick, pick up the chickens and shake them up and down with your finger until the chick falls out of one of them.

Level 15: Find out the rule and write down the answer. The right place is worth 1, then (from right to left) 2, 4, 8. So the number of the last one is 9.

Level 16: To help the baby fall asleep, rock the phone as if you were rocking a baby, and it will fall asleep.

Level 17: What three numbers make 12? You can tap a number more than once, so to add up to 12, tap 3, 3, 6.

Level 18: Click the orange rectangle 3 times, then click the green rectangle 3 times and it will turn orange. Then it will turn back to green, so tap it 2 more times.

Level 19: To correct the direction, make sure that your phone’s rotation lock is off, then turn the phone 90 degrees to the right so the arrows point in the stated directions.

Level 20: Can you solve this question? 1+2+3+11+2+3+11+2+3+1=39.

Level 21: To release the “dolphin” (narwhal), expand the hole below the net by zooming in on it with two fingers, then tap on the ring side of the scissors to cut the net.

Level 22: Lucky or unlucky? Drag the two buttons together to change them into “Lucky and unlucky” in one button, then tap it.

Level 23: To pick up the cheese, turn off your phone’s rotation lock. Walk over to the edge, then flip the phone to walk on the question. Walk to the edge of the question, flip the phone again, then pick up the cheese.

Level 24: To select six watermelons, tap on the text that says “pear” and when the text box comes up, change it to “watermelon”. Then tap the other five.

Level 25: To count the triangles, count all of the ones that include other triangles inside of them, too. There are 15 total triangles in the shape.

Level 26: Which shapes has the most sides? The circle, because it has infinite sides.

Level 27: To position the missing objects, make sure that there is not duplicate objects in each row or column. Play it like Sudoku. Make it look like the following picture:

Level 28: To make the question 18=1 true, move the 1 to the left, then move the middle match in the 8 to the left, to make it 1-0=1.

Level 29: To find the green frog, merge the blue and the yellow frogs together to make it into a green frog, then tap on it.

Level 30: Which claw is similar to the cat’s outstretched claw? Tap on the cat’s other claw (the one that is holding the fish).

Level 31: Place the numbers in the circles so that the sum of numbers in each line equals 8. Put 1 in the middle, 2-4 or 4-2 on one side, and 3-5 or 5-3 on the other side.

Level 32: To put the shapes into the right frame, put the blue rectangle into the top outline, where the orange fractal also goes.

Level 33: To eat cheese again, drag the question down between the two platforms and then move the mouse across with the arrows.

Level 34: To make the smallest number possible, drag the left underscore up to turn it into a negative sign, then type 999 to make -999.

Level 35: Mom is back, help me hide the gamepad! Put your finger on the screen on top of the gamepad for about 10 seconds in a row.

Level 36: To help little bat fall asleep, hang the phone upside down. Make sure the rotation lock is off.

Level 37: To make the biggest possible number out of 308, change it to 31181

Level 38: To kill the midge (mosquito), put one finger on the screen to draw it over, then smash it with the other finger when it stops moving.

Level 39: what’s the answer? 1=5, 2=15, 3=215 etc, so 5=43215.

Level 40: Tap the blue button 10 times and the red button one time, but ignore the counter for the blue button because it’s inaccurate.

Stay tuned for the rest of the answers to Tricky Brain Challenge!

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