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Weed Inc: Idle Cash – Ultimate Tips and Cheats Guide

Weed Inc: Idle Cash is a new game for the iOS and Android platforms by the makers of Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm, where you can grow weed in legal states and countries around the world, earn coins and gems, and make huge profits, allowing you to expand your factory and your corporate footprint to greater sizes. You can unlock various strains and boosts to get richer even faster. Read on for some tips, strategies, cheats, hints, and tricks for Weed Inc: Idle Cash!

As you increase your factory’s footprint, you’ll also gain a number of other seeds and strains, most notably your first rare and legendary ones. Tap the shovel icon to dig up a strain if you have too many of one seed or you want to replace a common one with a rarer one. The most recent assembly lines make the highest profit, so stick the rarest plants on the most recently-unlocked pots. If you dig up a plant, you get a seed back, so you can safely dig up a rare/legendary plant that’s wasted on an earlier spot, as long as you pay five Tokins.

San Francisco is your starting location, but you can start branches of your factory in locations farther away once you have enough money to do so. Los Angeles will be your first new location to unlock. You can also renovate old locations, which is Weed Inc’s version of prestiging, except you can prestige one city at a time rather than the entire game. This means the location will be entirely reset with bonuses. Go to the globe icon and tap the ‘renovate’ button and pick the city that you want to renovate – just be prepared to pay a lot of coins (first renovation on San Francisco costs 50 quintillion)

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Not only will you get more grow spots when you unlock a new city, but you’ll get more strains to unlock – five new ones per city that you unlock. Even though you unlock them in the new city, you can take them back to your old cities and plant them at will, as well, to really maximize your income.

You can tap on a particular plant to speed along the cutting, tap on the bottling room to speed up bottle production, or tap on the showroom to speed up sales. Most of the time, the plant area will be the sticking point, so you can remedy this by planting rare strains in the recently-unlocked grow areas. Tap multiple plants at a time, as fast as possible, to move the cuttings along at high speed and stock up your store.

Your managers can help each of the three areas move at high speed, so buy as many managers as possible, especially for the grow side. Tap the manager’s face and pick a manager to “Activate” or hire one by spending money on him or her to activate them immediately. After buying a manager, you can activate them for free forever as long as you wait for the cool down.


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