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Zombiebucket: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Zombiebucket is an addictive faux-retro match-3/zombie-killer hybrid for the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal is to go for as long as you can without dying, and dying entails letting your entire bucket fill up with zombies. So your goal is to clear them out as quickly as possible, by the most creative means that you can think of. Read on for some tips and tricks for Zombiebucket!

Your method of making combinations is to trace your finger over zombies of the same color. You can trace over as few as two zombies at a time, and this can come in quite handy if you are stuck in a hard place with very few combos to make. Also, do this if you are trying to clear all but one color from the screen so that you can save up for a huge combo.

The bigger the combo, the better the multiplier will be. Your point total for making a large combo will be exponentially higher than for making a small to medium combo, so go all the way and make a big combo. Just be sure to swipe really quickly so that you can do so before the bucket fills. The bigger the combo, the better the special zombie that you will get. You might even get a super zombie.

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A super zombie will pop up as soon as you unlock specific achievements. There are a whole list of them in the game, each with their own rather humorous profiles. They tend to only show up once, though, and they don’t have much of a specific effect. They are a good collector’s piece, and that’s about it.

The special zombies are a whole hell of a lot better and more useful, so look for them to pop up so that you can make use of them. Bomb zombies are some of the most common. Let them stick around until you don’t have any huge combinations left, and then blow them up. This is when they are at their most useful.

If you start to get a bit too frustrated at this game, then turn off the game for awhile, about half an hour or so, and take a break from it. About a half an hour later pick the phone back up and start playing again and you will generally find it far easier to go far into a level and to last a long time.