American Dad! Apocalypse Soon: Get Free Golden Turds!

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American Dad! Apocalypse Soon is a new MMO for the iOS and Android platforms with all kinds of base-building, characters from the show (as well as humor from the show), and like any good free-to-play MMO game, multiple currencies. One of these currencies is, of course, Golden Turds.

Golden Turds are the premium currency of the game, and as such, they can buy you the best stuff, but they are the hardest to get. But you can get plenty of Golden Turds without having to spend any money on American Dad! Apocalypse Soon.

Read on for a full guide on how to get more Golden Turds in American Dad! Apocalypse Soon!

The earliest way to get more Golden Turds that you will discover is to look around outside of your base for the boxes, pipes, and all sorts of other buried debris hanging out in the dirt outside. You’re going to have to clear it anyways when you want to build in the spots that they occupy, so clear them out now.

Tap on one of them, and you’ll see an option to Delete for 250 cash (unless it’s a more expensive and lucrative one). Delete and within a minute, you will be able to collect your Golden Turds. More of these will appear as time goes by, so clear them out too in order to keep the flow of Golden Turds running.

Another way to get more free Golden Turds is to complete the various achievements within the game. Achievements are located inside of the tab that looks like a gold medal. Tap it, and there will be a gigantic list of achievements. Most of these achievements have to do with PvP battles, but many of them have to do with things such as PvE missions or unlocking equipment items from boxes.

Read up and down the list to see what you have to do in order to complete each achievement. Once you complete an achievement, go here and tap to collect the reward. Keep doing that until you knock out all 175 missions, and you’ll have a TON of free Golden Turds.

Be on the lookout for rewards to come into your mail randomly. If you get a reward, it will show up in the inbox, and you will be able to go and claim the reward. Many of these rewards happen completely randomly, or as a way of saying sorry for a server outage, or even to celebrate milestones, so they will frequently show up unexpected, and many will contain Golden Turds.

Hit the store and look for the Ad Watcher’s chest. Watch five videos to open one of these chests, and you’ll get huge rewards. According to the reward list, one of the expected rewards is earning $25, or about $5 dollars per video that you watch. This doesn’t sound like much, but it adds up over time.

If you want to play the game on desktop with your current account, make sure your account is linked via Facebook. Then download American Dad! Apocalypse Soon for Bluestacks and link it up to the same account to continue where you left off. Plus, Bluestacks has a number of other built in guides and tools to help with the game.

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