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Area 777: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Area 777 is Adult Swim’s newest and possibly weirdest game yet. Why is it so weird, one might ask? Well, imagine a slots game, a tower defense game, an RPG and an alien invasion all rolled into one, and with the addicting aspect of all of these game types, there is a ton of potential so long as you have the tokens and coins to complete. Read on for some tips and tricks for Area 777!

When you spin the slot reel, you have the options to let the game stop the slots on its own or to stop them yourselves by tapping the screen. The best recommendation is to let the game stop the slots on its own. All that you have to do is wait for it; if you try to stop them on your own, you will have a far lower chance of winning a particular combination.

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Keep track of the events whenever they pop up, because when the events happen, typically you will earn a LOT of free tokens in exchange for doing so. Of note are particularly lucrative ones, such as the free spinning event. Mix the events with the power ups that you can charge and earn over time for especially good strong results.

Run out of free tokens and you need some more, but you don’t want to spend any money to do so? Wait for the “FREE TOKENS” bar at the top of the screen to fill up at least once, and tap it. Keep tabbing as it fills up so that you can get more and more free tokens; there is no excuse not to have any.

As for gems, you can get those for free too. All that you have to do is to tap the button at the top of the screen to watch a video. It’s tedious but it works; watch videos until you run out, then wait for about fifteen minutes and watch even more of them. They will always regenerate after a fairly short amount of time.

Increase your bets as high as you can so that you have a better shot at winning and at leveling up. This will also help take out stubborn enemies that you can’t get rid of, meaning that it will save you money in the long run, because one of the biggest money drains is getting attacked over and over again by a stubborn alien.