Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements – Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, and Strategy Guide

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Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements is a surprisingly late entry into the iOS and Android Clashalike genre – and a surprisingly late adaptation of Breaking Bad. This game puts you in control of your own compound of RV’s in the desert, and with the aid of characters such as Heisenberg himself, as well as Saul Goodman, Jesse Pinkman, and others from the franchise, you’ll make money, produce and sell product (including the famous Blue Sky), and battle against other compounds for dominance.

You can earn money, bricks, gold, and a whole host of other resources, which you can use to expand and upgrade your compound, upgrade your specialists for a stronger attack and defense, and produce more and better product to fulfill contracts with other criminal organizations.

Read on for some tips and tricks for Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements!

Resources are the cornerstone to your base, as they’re required for every aspect of it. Bricks, for example, are required for upgrading your facilities, while cash is used for recruiting specialists, or for upgrading them.

Always max out your resource buildings such as your cash truck, your bricks truck, your cash and bricks storage, and your stash as soon as you are able. Bricks should come first since they’re the building block of the rest of your building upgrades.

Gold is the premium currency of the game and allows you to purchase speed-ups for anything that’s under construction, as well as a host of other premium goodies. For the most part, you have to purchase gold in order to get it, but plenty of free gold is available throughout the game for such things as level-ups and quest completions.

You can also get more gold by going to the store menu, hitting the “free gold” button, and looking through the offers on the offer wall. Some of the offers are free, such as surveys, while some of the offers are for gold in exchange for purchasing other products.

Achievements are also a good source of free gold, so hit the achievements menu to collect any unearned rewards for ones that you have completed. For those that have not yet been completed, you can go to see what you have to do to finish them.

Always be sure to recruit new units as often as possible. Go down to the camp area to recruit new ones and manage your current ones. You can earn new units, some upgrade items, and other goodies, and they cost a fairly small amount of cash to recruit, so keep recruiting as much as possible.

You’re going to need to keep upgrading the specialists that you already have, too, in order to make sure that they can both attack and defend effectively. The main upgrade will be to their experience levels, while the side upgrade will be to upgrade their abilities. Both of these cane be upgraded using a combination of upgrade materials and cash, but generally, the level-ups have a much better return on investment compared to the ability upgrades. But both types of upgrades will be needed, eventually.

Contracts are exchanges of product for bricks, cash, and reputation. Reputation is the most important part of this, as the higher your reputation, the more lucrative contracts will become available to you, including those that include superior product.

Battles take place on the map, where you can attack other players or complete campaign battles. You can either let the battles play out automatically or you can control where they move to. Tap on an empty space for your characters to run over there, and tap on a specific target to aim at it.

You want to start on the farthest corner of the spawn point as possible. Take out whoever you need to in order to stake out a corner of the battlefield. Ignore whatever defensive units are far away from the van. Run to the back of the stage, behind the van, shoot at it from behind where the defensive units can’t hit you.

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