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Bullet Boy – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Win, and Strategy Guide

Bullet Boy is a new level-based puzzler for the iOS and Android platforms. Think of it like the parts of Donkey Kong Country where you shoot yourself out of a barrel, turned into a whole game. The levels get harder and harder as you go, with a tornado chasing you the entire time, and endlessly complex chains of barrels. Read on for some tips and tricks for Bullet Boy!

It’s important to complete each stage as quick as you possibly can because by doing so, you can earn more coins due to making more combos. If you want to grind for more coins so that you can get past a tough level, go back to older stages and play them, but attempt to go faster and faster each time that you play them. It’s difficult to do but it’s an excellent way to make some coins.

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If all that you want is to go as far as you can, though, then ignore the rush and go as fast as you want (at least as far as the stage will let you, as obstacles sometimes force you to go quickly). If you do need to rush in a pinch, though, look for a way to skip a barrel or two. Can you shoot over or under an obstacle or simply shoot two barrels ahead? Take advantage of it.

If you have a power up, take advantage of that for your purposes, too. The bouncy head power-up will allow you to bounce off of a wall, so if you get to a barrel that’s close to a wall, then shoot yourself against the wall over and over to rack up cheap and easy combo points. If you have the drill one, you can skip a TON of barrels at a time by drilling through obstacles. You have an easier chance of dying this way though.

Revives, or hearts, are not the “lives” of this game as there is no energy limiter, instead allowing you to keep going even after you crash out. If you have no hearts and you don’t want to spend any money, you can watch an ad video instead. The video will either earn you a free revive, or just revive you automatically, depending on where you use it.

Coins allow you to buy power ups, so save up your coins until the tough levels so that you can hit them with the heavy artillery. Log into Kongregate and you will be able to earn 500 free coins. After you hit level 12 and beat it, you can unlock Endless mode, so use that to make big combos and get a ton of coins too.