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Campers! for iOS and Android by Glu Games: How to get free Arrowheads!

Campers! is a new game by Glu Games for the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and the Android OS. In this game you play as a bunch of campers, who have already taken up temporary residence inside cabins on a campground, and your goal is to explore new areas, build up the campground, increase the number of campers, and discover every animal and fun mini game that you absolutely can. Arrowheads are the premium currency in Campers!, and while you normally have to pay real money, you can get them for free instead. Read on to find out how!

One way to get arrowheads for free is to search out various objects (the ones that you have to find in order to complete quests), as well as animals, and anything else that can earn you a reward. Complete quests, too. All of these can cause arrowheads to pop out of the ground at random. When they do, lead one of your campers over to go and pick up the arrowheads, and they will go into your arsenal.

Another way to get free arrowheads is to do the following. First, go to the top of the screen and look next to where it counts how many arrowheads that you have. Then, click the “add” button next to the arrowhead counter and you will be taken to a screeen to buy arrowheads, showing you various arrowhead packages that you can buy. However, there’s also a button on that screen that says “Get More Arrowheads Free”, in the far left area on the selection.

Tap on the Free button and a bunch of free offers will load up for you. Many of them will require a credit card, but many of them will NOT require a credit card, either.

One of these free offers is to sign up for and/or log into Tapjoy. Once you do this, you will be able to access a whole wealth of other free offers, which all require no credit card, because every single one of them involves downloading and running and/or playing a new app. Doesn’t matter how long you keep the app for – you can simply delete it when you play it once, but when you go back to Campers!, you will have your arrowhead payment in your arsenal.