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Motor World Car Factory for iPhone: How to get free cash

Motor World Car Factory is a new game for the iPhone and the iPod Touch where you get to build your very own car company. In this game you start off as a tiny little automaker, and your goal is to make it to the big time by increasing your quality, innovation, and most importantly, your sales. Cash is the premium currency of the game, and while it primarily costs you real, actual money to buy, it is also possible to get cash for free. Read on to find out how to get more cash!

One of the main ways to get cash in the game is to complete quests. You have to accept the quest first. Go to the action menu, read through your quests, accept them and then finish them as given. When you accomplish a quest, you can earn cash as a bonus reward.

You can also get free cash by completing offers. Go up to the “plus” sign next to the cash counter, and then when you get there, click on the banner at the bottom that offers you free cash. Once you get there, a whole bunch of offers will pop up that, if you complete them, will earn you cash. Many or most of them are free and require no credit cards, so complete them and you’ll earn some free cash.

If you log into Tapjoy (this is one of the offers in the offer list above), then when you get to the website, you’ll see a list of brand new, entirely free offers which you can complete to get free cash. All of them involve downloading new apps, especially games, so download these apps and/or games and run them, and you’ll get free cash as a reward for your efforts. Completing these offers can really add up and cause you to load up on cash!