Captain Planet: Gaia Guardians – Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, and Strategy Guide

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Captain Planet: Gaia Guardians is a new idle combat game for the iOS and Android platforms starring your favorite heroes and villains from the classic cartoon series, complete with some new ones as well, such as Captain Pollution.

Your goal is to knock off all of the junk that you can, earn Planetoids and Folium, upgrade your heroes, and save the plants on Hope Island. You can open crates for prizes, earn diamonds, and more.

Read on for some tips and tricks for Captain Planet: Gaia Guardians!

As you earn planetoids, you can tap on each of your active heroes to level them up. Watch the bar below each character; when you fill the bar, you’ll double the DPS (damage per second) that each character doles out.

Normally, there are too many comic interlude breaks to leave your device sitting, but when you get to the part where the boss icon pops up, they’ll stop popping up. Set your phone to never sleep, plug it in, and leave it indefinitely and you’ll earn a ton of planetoids for doing absolutely nothing.

Whenever you see an exclamation mark above the recycling icon, go there and knock off all of the junk in order to earn free diamonds. Once you knock off enough junk you’ll be able to open the carbon bank and collect all of your free diamonds.

Whenever you see a prize floating around above the top of the screen, tap it. The prizes will contain either free planetoids, a crate that you can unlock, or both.

When you’re playing actively, go to the crate area and unlock all of the ones that take a short time to unlock. The rarer ones, which take up to 8 hours at a time, should be started before you go to bed. That way, when you wake up, they will be ready to collect.

Whenever you fight Captain Pollution, tap with as many fingers as possible to get the Folium multiplier as high as you can get it.

Once you get that Folium, you can use it on a multitude of upgrades. You can go to the Hope Island tab to regrow trees and other plants, which earn you free planetoids. Tap on the lightning coin icon in the upper right hand corner to buy new powers for your heroes, or to upgrade the powers that you have already unlocked.

At first your taps won’t be worth much. However, one of the powers that you can purchase with Folium is Tap Frenzy. Tap it in order to upgrade it if you’re more into the idea of tapping to kill, rather than just letting all of your heroes do the work.

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