BitLife: Life Simulator – How to become a world-famous superstar

BitLife lets you simulate a life through text, as you well know by now, but one of the tougher achievements is to become a world-famous superstar. You can even earn a Famous ribbon if you do it right.

There are a ton of tools at your disposal that can allow you to become famous, but it’s all up to proper use of said tools. Your job, your social media habits, and more all matter.

Read on for some tips on how to become more famous in BitLife!

The first component to this is social media. In order to become famous, one of the most important factors is a huge following on social media, and to get a huge following, you have to post a ton.

15-20 times a year is a good baseline. Less is too little, more might be a case of diminishing returns.

Your career is maybe the biggest component to it. You’ll get famous very easily if you have a career in the public eye, but without the right combination of factors, you’ll be hard-pressed to find such a career.

The first thing to do is either NOT go to college after you graduate high-school, or if a major related to the entertainment industry shows up, to go to school for that major. This includes dance, film, performing arts, music, or other entertainment-related majors.

The reason for this is that if you go to school and graduate, your degree will affect the careers that pop up in your job choices.

You’ll have more jobs related to your degree, therefore you will be less likely to find an entertainment industry career if you graduate in, say, nursing.

Another factor here is your looks. Yes, BitLife is a superficial world; it only helps to be good-looking.

If you’re ugly, it’s still possible to become famous, but it’s a bit tougher to do so.

Regarding the jobs, you can be an actor, a model, a stripper, a porn star, and then later on, careers such as musician will eventually be added to the game.

The actor and model jobs will make it easier to become famous since they cater to all age ranges.

Once you achieve all of these, simply keep being an actor or a musician for the longest period of time that you can (or whatever career that you choose).

Keep posting on social media as often as possible to stoke the fanbase.

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