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BitLife: Life Simulator – How To Earn All 40 Ribbons

BitLife lets you manage someone’s life through text interactions, kind of like The Sims, but far, far shorter. You can take someone and make them as good or as bad as you want, and give them any job or school major that you want to.

You now have 30 ribbons that you can earn in a game through various achievements. The ribbons encompass the extremes of almost every accomplishment that’s possible within the game, such as becoming extremely rich, or being extremely reckless.

The ribbons are earned upon the death of your character. Once you earn a ribbon, you can go to the Ribbons tab in the main menu to look at the ones you got, plus keep track of the mystery ribbons, which you can see once you’ve earned them. Luckily, we’ve figured out how to earn them, so we’ll tell you how to earn them as well.

Read on for a list of all of the ribbons and how to achieve them!

How To Earn Every Ribbon in BitLife: Life Simulator

Some things to know before you go ribbon-hunting.


  • Android device, iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch


  • Every available tool in BitLife


You can earn only one ribbon at a time, so if you qualify for multiple ribbons, the one that you earn will be slightly randomized.

If you’re trying for one specific ribbon only, use the rest of the ribbon guide to figure out what not to do, in order to make sure that you only qualify for one ribbon.


Academic: To get the Academic ribbon, go to college for as long as you can and get the highest degree possible. It helps to start off smart, so if you have a dumb character, expect it to be a lot tougher to get your PHD or Doctorate or Grad Degree. Always “study harder” in every year of school and go to the library to read every year.

Fertile: Have at least four children or more to get the Fertile ribbon. The easiest way to do this is to get married young and have children every year that you can. Or be good looking and have lots of one-night stands with no protection.

Hero: Sometimes, a situation will pop up where you have the chance to save someone’s life in the middle of the game. If this pops up two or more times in a game and you save a person two or more times, you get this ribbon.

Lazy: The Lazy ribbon comes when you go through life without doing anything. Just hit the “age” button over and over, ignore literally every situation that comes up, and then when your character dies, you’ll earn this. Don’t go to college, get a job, get married, date, go to the gym, or do literally anything. Just age over and over until the end of your life.

Loaded: An even richer version of Rich. 10 million dollars or more is the requirement. Get the highest paying job that you can (actor, pornographer, doctor, etc). or win the lottery or use the gambling cheat to win every time in the horse race or the blackjack house. Being a real-estate baron also works here as houses gain value every year no matter what.

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Lustful: Simple. All that you have to do to get the Lustful ribbon is to have a lot of hookups and/or threesomes in the span of your life. Then when you die you’ll get this one. Avoid relationships or having kids – use a lot of protection.

Mediocre: Similar to Lazy but not as lazy. Just hit ignore on everything, don’t engage in or cause any sort of drama. You’ll earn this one. You’ll probably live for a really long time, too. It helps to not buy anything, not make too much money, and ideally, to get fired from a job.

Rich: To get the Rich ribbon, finish the game with at least 1 million dollars in net worth but less than ten million. The cash doesn’t have to be liquid, just in net worth, so real estate holdings count.

Scandalous: Have really bad karma, go to prison (don’t escape or die in prison, just get released), or just generally cause drama in every possible situation that pops up (i.e. do the opposite of what earns you the “mediocre” badge). Act like a reality show villain, essentially.

Unlucky: Die of a terminal disease, such as cancer, especially if you die at a young age. You could also trigger this by getting killed in a plane crash, murdered, killed in a terrorist attack, etc.

Wasteful: Getting this one is easy. All you have to do is end your character’s life. Then you’ll earn the Wasteful ribbon. Doesn’t matter if you pick Haunt This Game or not. And you can’t get it by hitting “start a new life” and avoiding death, just by hitting “end your life”.


Addict: this new badge is very easy to get. Simply get a drug or alcohol addiction, and don’t go to rehab. You can pick up an addiction by trying whatever is offered to you. Or go to the club a ton, or try gambling a ton. Then never go to rehab until you die. Dying of an overdose certainly helps.

Cunning: Escape from prison, and don’t get caught again for the rest of your life. Easiest way to do this is to emigrate, but having a sex change can help too. And don’t have enough money or live old enough to be Successful, Rich, or Geriatric.

Deadly: To get the Deadly ribbon, kill more than one other person over the course of your life. The easiest way to successfully commit a murder is to target a stranger, not family or friends. You’ll usually get a life sentence; if you do, escape and then commit another murder. And repeat as necessary.

Famous: Spend as much of your life as possible in the entertainment industry as an actor or as a porn star. Post a lot on social media and have a lot of followers. Don’t have too much money by the end of your life or the Rich or Loaded ribbon could overtake this. So blow money on either gambling or super expensive cars to reduce your assets (not houses, since those gain value). To keep an acting job keep your looks as high as absolutely possible so you don’t get fired.

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Geriatric: Live a very long life, 120 years old should do it. Do the mind and body stuff constantly, meditate, keep you health and happiness above 100% always. Don’t do anything risky like have plastic surgery or visit the witch doc. Reduce your assets by gambling or buying expensive cars if you need to to avoid the Rich or Loaded ribbons.

Globetrotter: Go on vacation to many different countries to get this one. Or emigrate multiple times. Or, ideally, do both to ensure that you get this one. Countries are the only thing that matter, not city. You’ll need to get a lot of money to do this, but you can’t be too rich or you’ll get Rich or Loaded, instead.

Highroller: Be successful at gambling to get this one. Bet big sums of money, win big sums of money. Then bet even bigger sums of money. A gambling addiction makes no difference as to whether you earn this one or not. Die with less than 5 million to avoid getting the “rich” ribbon instead.

Houdini: To get this one, first get thrown in jail a lot. Then every time that you get locked up, escape from jail to get this one. Getting caught after escape has no effect on this one way or the other, unlike with Cunning.

Jailbird: Another new ribbon that requires you to live the rough life. Spend a lot of time in prison, and (to get this ribbon for sure), die in prison! Easiest way to get this instead of Scandalous is to get locked up for non-murder crimes.

Rowdy: Throw a lot of house parties, go to the club all the time, and get into arguments with people whenever you get the chance. Don’t get physical with them, just argue. Accept every drug or alcoholic drink that’s offered to you, but if you get addicted, go to rehab to break the addiction and don’t die addicted.

Stupid: Finish a life with as little smarts as possible. Never study, go to the library, or do anything else to get smarter. Drop out of school. Make dumb decisions, such as not using a condom during a hookup. Make the absolute dumbest possible decision in every way possible, but nothing that gets you thrown in jail.

Successful: This one lies somewhere in between Mediocre and Rich. To be successful, get a good job, raise a good family, etc. Be stable, well-off-but-not-super-rich, and don’t go to jail. Get a nice car and nice house. Be stable. Don’t finish the game with over 1 million dollars or less than $500k dollars. Don’t make your money from the casino or lottery.

Wicked: To get this one, first, get an STD, then don’t get treated, but instead give STDs to lots of other people. You can do this via hookups, kissing, dating, threesomes, etc.


Family Guy: This ribbon was rumored in the last update, but never came to fruition. Now it’s here, though, and earning this ribbon has nothing to do with the Griffin family or talking dogs/babies. Instead, to get the Family Guy ribbon, all that you have to do is be a family man. Marry the first person you date, have a couple kids, maintain high relationship bars with everyone, have a job that pays an average amount of money.

There’s no word yet on if the same thing earns you Family Guy with a female character or not, though. You don’t want to earn too much money or you’ll end up getting the Rich or Loaded ribbon instead, and you don’t want to have more than three kids, or else you might end up earning the Fertile ribbon instead. Keep as average as possible with this one.

Thief: To get this ribbon requires three parts: Be good at stealing things, do it often, and don’t get caught. All forms of theft count towards this ribbon: burglary, robbery, purse snatching, being a pickpocket, etc. Any one of these things counts toward being a thief.

Additionally, don’t go to jail or prison. If you do, you’ll end up qualifying for the Jailbird, Cunning, or Houdini ribbon instead. And aside from stealing constantly, make smart decisions, or you might accidentally qualify for Stupid instead of Thief. Thief is one of the hardest ribbons in the entire game to get – possibly even harder than Teammate.

As a side note: between the Christmas 2018 update and the Valentine’s Day 2019 update, the Ribbon count was increased from 24 to 25, but no new ribbons were added to the game. The reason for this is that there were actually 25 ribbons to begin with, but the main ribbon count was listed erroneously as 24.

Mooch: This ribbon is pretty self-explanatory. The easy way to get this ribbon? Ask your parents for money as often as you can. Once you get in a relationship, ask your boyfriend or girlfriend, your fiancé, your spouse, etc. for money. Basically, anyone who you can mooch off of, try to mooch off of. Whether they actually give you money or not doesn’t matter, just ask.

Also, it helps to live fairly ordinarily in pretty much every other respect so that another ribbon doesn’t overcome this. Don’t be so old that you get the geriatric ribbon, and don’t make enough mistakes to get the stupid ribbon. Just live a fairly boring life and ask for money as often as you can.

Cat Lady: So to get the Cat Lady ribbon, you want to own a bunch of cats, and you want to do a couple of other things. Keep them alive for a long period of time by taking care of them. And also, keep your relationships with them as high as possible in order to avoid losing their trust and in order to keep the best possible relationship with them.

One thing that helps in this situation is to make sure that you don’t do anything else that could get you another ribbon by accident. For example, don’t get too rich so that you don’t get the loaded ribbon or the rich ribbon. Don’t become a jailbird; do what you can to only get the Cat Lady ribbon, so that you have the best possible chance of it.

By the same token, if you are going for another ribbon, don’t own too many cats so that you don’t accidentally get the Cat Lady ribbon. Instead, avoid getting all cats (dogs are okay, at least for now), and do anything you can for the other ribbon.


Tarzan: Own a lot of exotic animals. Be the real-life Tiger King, essentially. Stay away from other ribbons for pets, like Cat Lady.

Gold Digger: Don’t be rich to start off with, but marry someone who is rich. If you’re already rich and you marry a rich person, you will not get the ribbon.

Monopoly: Buy and sell a lot, and I mean a LOT of houses. Be a real estate mogul. Try to avoid having too much cash in hand so you don’t trigger one of the rich ribbons.

Movie Buff: Just watch movies once a year or more and you’ll be very likely to trigger this one.

Generous: Give a lot of money to other people, and other assorted gifts to other people. Be as giving as possible.

Barbie Girl: Get a lot of plastic surgery within your lifetime to trigger this one, but try to avoid also triggering other ribbons.

Veteran: Spend a long time in any branch of the military, preferably to the point of retirement. Dying in war might help you with this one too.

Influencer: Rack up a lot of followers on social media. Somewhere between 5 million and 10 million followers should be enough to get this.

HIDDEN SECRET RIBBONS (the ones labeled as “???”):

Teammate: First, you need to have a character in either Tucson or Miami, USA (the two cities where BitLife’s creator, CandyWriter, are located). Get a job as a mobile app developer, which means get a degree in computer science first (having high smarts helps). This makes you a “teammate” of the developers. Make mobile app development your career for your whole life.

Model Bitizen: To get this ribbon, you don’t actually have to be a “bitizen”, meaning have a paid subscription to the game. Actually, to get this ribbon, wait for all of the “citizen” popups to appear and do the right thing every time. So if you find a wallet, turn it in. If someone gives you a package to transport overseas, don’t do it. Call the police if you see a crime. Basically, do the “right thing” every time.

In addition to this, some other things help you get the Model Bitizen ribbon. Keep your nose as clean as possible. No drinking, no drugs, no gambling addictions. Have a good job and perfect relationships with all of your family. Give money to your family whenever you can. Work harder at your job, etc.

Bandit: Rob a train to get this one. Commit the train robbery at a time equal to the time that your phone is set to, or it won’t be successful.

Big Boss: Be the CEO of a company. Even then it’s up to random chance, as you might trigger Loaded, Academic, Rich, or some other similar ribbon instead, so just keep trying if you don’t succeed.


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