BitLife: List of all ribbons and how to get them

By | November 25, 2018

BitLife lets you manage someone’s life through text interactions, kind of like The Sims, but far, far shorter. You now have 27 ribbons that you can earn in a game through various achievements. The ribbons are earned upon the death of your character. Read on for a list of all of the ribbons and how to achieve them!

A footnote to the game: Since a recent update, you can now earn multiple ribbons for one character, but only one ribbon at a time will show up on a person’s epitaph when they die. Some of them are tough to get, while some of them are super easy to get. You won’t know what any of them are until you earn them, though, as there is no given list in the game. This list will tell you how to get all of them!

Academic: To get the Academic ribbon, go to college for as long as you can and get the highest degree possible. It helps to start off smart, so if you have a dumb character, expect it to be a lot tougher to get your PHD or Doctorate or Grad Degree. Always “study harder” in every year of school and go to the library to read every year.
Fertile: Have at least four children or more to get the Fertile ribbon. The easiest way to do this is to get married young and have children every year that you can. Or be good looking and have lots of one-night stands with no protection.
Hero: Sometimes, a situation will pop up where you have the chance to save someone’s life in the middle of the game. If this pops up two or more times in a game and you save a person two or more times, you get this ribbon.
Lazy: The Lazy ribbon comes when you go through life without doing anything. Just hit the “age” button over and over, ignore literally every situation that comes up, and then when your character dies, you’ll earn this. Don’t go to college, get a job, get married, date, go to the gym, or do literally anything. Just age over and over until the end of your life.

Loaded: An even richer version of Rich. 10 million dollars or more is the requirement. Get the highest paying job that you can (actor, pornographer, doctor, etc). or win the lottery or use the gambling cheat to win every time in the horse race or the blackjack house. Being a real-estate baron also works here as houses gain value every year no matter what.
Lustful: Simple. All that you have to do to get the Lustful ribbon is to have a lot of hookups and/or threesomes in the span of your life. Then when you die you’ll get this one. Avoid relationships or having kids – use a lot of protection.

Mediocre: Similar to Lazy but not as lazy. Just hit ignore on everything, don’t engage in or cause any sort of drama. You’ll earn this one. You’ll probably live for a really long time, too. It helps to not buy anything, not make too much money, and ideally, to get fired from a job.
Rich: To get the Rich ribbon, finish the game with at least 1 million dollars in net worth but less than ten million. The cash doesn’t have to be liquid, just in net worth, so real estate holdings count.
Scandalous: Have really bad karma, go to prison (don’t escape or die in prison, just get released), or just generally cause drama in every possible situation that pops up (i.e. do the opposite of what earns you the “mediocre” badge). Act like a reality show villain, essentially.

Unlucky: Die of a terminal disease, such as cancer, especially if you die at a young age. You could also trigger this by getting killed in a plane crash, murdered, killed in a terrorist attack, etc
Wasteful: Getting this one is easy. All you have to do is end your character’s life. Then you’ll earn the Wasteful ribbon. Doesn’t matter if you pick Haunt This Game or not. And you can’t get it by hitting “start a new life” and avoiding death, just by hitting “end your life”.

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