BitLife: How to get rich and become a millionaire or billionaire

BitLife is a text-based life simulator for the iOS and Android platform where you help a character live a good life through a string of decisions. One thing that everyone wants to do in this game is to get rich, and make a ton of money. There are plenty of ways to make money, and plenty of ways for it to go wrong. Read on for some tips and tricks on how to get rich in BitLife!

First off, start preparing for this before you even are able to work. In school, tap the “study harder” option constantly. Hit the library to read once per year. Hit the gym and meditate once a year as well.

Do all of this self-improvement constantly. This improves your chances of getting scholarships and landing high-paying jobs when you apply for them later on.

When you graduate from high school, pick a smart major. Some, such as nursing and information systems, have a better shot at landing you a great job than others; medical professions, in particular, pay a ton, as do some political professions.

Watch out for student loans when applying for university, though. Too high and they could drain almost all of your income every year. Apply for scholarships or, if you have parents with money, ask them to pay for college.

Oftentimes you’ll end up starting a character and their financial drain will be sky-high for no apparent reason. If this is bad enough, it can cause you to be unable to purchase any real estate.

If this happens, simply start over with a new character and try again with their life. Minimizing asset drain is key to getting and staying rich.

Play the lottery often. You have a surprisingly good shot at winning, much better than any shot in real life that you might have. If you win, you’re an instant millionaire. Do as much school as you can to get super high paying jobs, or just continue playing the lotto over and over.

Just like in real life, cars won’t appreciate in value, but real estate has a chance to. Check your real estate holdings often. You can’t rent them out, unfortunately, but you can sell them for more than what you paid for them.

Every year, try to sell your real estate just so that you can see the expected sale price, then if your expected price is going to make you a profit, sell it.

If you decide to enlist in the military after high school, then go to college later, then a good way to go after college is to go back into the military as an officer. To be an officer, you need at least a four-year degree. Even then, there is a chance that you will get rejected. But try it with all five branches before you give up.

Often, it will be in your best interest to resign from your job to try to look for a higher paying job. Quit your job, then look for another job that pays higher.

If you see the job that you resigned from in the job list, then as a last resort, you can apply for it again. It’s much easier to do this with certain fields, such as nursing, than it is for other fields, such as those that are mathematics-related.

When you engage in a relationship, keep in mind how much money the other person has. If they don’t have much, side effects can occur, such as having a higher monthly outflow.

If they do have a lot of money, not only can you potentially share in that if they die (due to inheritance), but you have a higher chance of getting better jobs.

If your parents have money, life is a lot easier. If you ask them for money, then how much they give you is a combination of money and generosity. The higher the money rating, the more that they give you.

The higher the generosity rating, the higher the chances that they give you the money. If your parents have no money from the beginning, don’t count on getting much from them in general.

Play it as safe as possible. Whenever someone insults you or curses at you, ignore them. Even if someone insults you or one of your family members, ignore them.

No negatives can come from that. It might seem right or feel good to clap back at them, but you could also get assaulted, or assault someone, and end up in jail and/or losing your job.

Emigrating can make you more money, but the difference in income between the same job in, for example, Nigeria vs Norway is far less than it would be in real life.

So you can make a bit more money, but you can make a bit less money, too. The only way to know is to experiment.

Want to get a super-high net worth? Start buying real estate as soon as possible. Ideally, buy with cash.

The more lucrative of a job that you start out with, the better. A six-figure job with low expenses will allow you to buy more real estate in shorter amounts of time.

Check the age and the condition of the house before you buy. The condition being in the green (good condition) will make it far easier to sell the house, and to make it more likely that someone will pay higher than the asking price for the house.

Buy an older house, as newer houses don’t tend to appreciate in value to the degree that older houses do.

Every once in awhile, sell enough houses to buy something that’s really expensive. The more cash that you have on hand, the more expensive the offerings, and the more expensive of a house that you buy, the more it will appreciate in value as the years go by. Keep checking the condition of the house, though, as sometimes expensive houses can be in terrible condition, too.

The lottery is a great way to get rich, but what do you do after you win all of that money? Easy – invest it in real estate. Buy as many houses as you can, with cash, making sure to leave enough money in your account for all of the maintenance.

Hold onto the real estate for as long as you can. All of your wholly-owned real estate contributes toward your net worth.

Some jobs can be worked forever, while others, such as the military and other government jobs, have a mandatory retirement age – 62, in the case of the military.

Don’t quit your job and retire, especially if you are in a job while you can still fight for promotions. Ask for a raise or a promotion as often as possible; you won’t get one all of the time, or even most of the time, but you’ll get one enough to make it worth it. Always ask once per year – more asks per year won’t do anything.

Keep your relationship with your spouse strong. If they divorce you, they get half of what you have in the bank. By that same token, if you divorce your spouse, you’ll get half of what they have.

If they have a ton of money, then you’ll get a huge divorce settlement. If they don’t have a lot of money, you won’t get much.

Now that the latest update has been added to the game, you can go and gamble whenever you want to. To do this, tap on the ‘things to do’ menu and go to the casino.

Choose how much money to bet, and then you will be able to play the casino game. Start off low, at first, and then once you get the hang of how to win more than half of the time, you can increase your bets.

Right now, the only game that you can pay in a casino is blackjack, but expect more games to be added later. Blackjack is fairly simple to play.

Your best bet is to hit if you land a number anywhere below 16 or 17, and if you get 16 or 17 or above, stay. Whether you pick 16 or 17 as the cutoff is up to your playing style. You’ll win over half of the time this way.

If you get really good at blackjack, you can use it to make massive amounts of money without a whole lot of time spent.

Become a pro at blackjack, take that money, and then use it to load up on real estate, because real estate in this game almost always appreciates in value. Cars never do, so if money and riches are your goal, don’t buy more than you need.

Some cars and houses can really sneak up on you as far as how much money they cost to maintain. When you’re looking at the monthly expenses on a car or a house, remember that monthly expenses are multiplied by twelve since you progress in years and not months. So while owning a Lamborghini might be fun, and maybe you can afford to buy it with cash, watch out for the monthly costs.

If it costs 1,500 a month, it will cost 18,000 per years, which can quickly throw you into the negatives of cash flow if you are not careful.

You can even use the gambling winnings to pay for everything from university tuition to your children’s tuition. Just be careful though, because you don’t want to get addicted.

If you get addicted you have to take time away from your job and spend a ton of money. If you get addicted, just gamble for as long as you can, then stop, go to rehab, and don’t gamble again. Stay addicted and you could lose your job.

When you find lost wallets or purses, most of the time you will get no reward for it. Every-so-often, though, the person that you give it back to will be feeling generous and will give you a huge reward in exchange for you giving their stuff back.

It’s about as common as winning the lottery – maybe slightly more common – but it does happen. You can also keep the purse or wallet and try your luck at keeping the cash, at the expense of karma.

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