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CarX Street: Tips, Cheats, Hints, and Strategy Guide

CarX Street is a new open world racing RPG for the iOS, android, and PC platforms. This game allows you to roam freely around the city, doing almost whatever you want, earning cash, and participating in various events, such as drifting, sprint, racing, street racing, and more. You can purchase houses and cars, win all sorts of money, and try to become the most successful racer in the city.

Read on for a collection of tips and tricks for CarX Street!

From the beginning, especially if you stop the tutorial and then start it again at some other point, it can be a little difficult to figure out where to go. What you want to look for is you want to look for the girl driving around in a black Miata with a giant spoiler. Whatever point you’re at in the game, she will be the one to help you out and lead you to the next area, and sometimes give you cash so that you can move forward.

If you cannot figure out what to do next, and you have no money or you just can’t purchase anything and get stuck, then you can always roam around the city, because there are plenty of opportunities to earn money. Anytime you execute a successful drift, or anytime you drive at or near your maximum speed, you will earn money, and the longer that you can either hold the drift or the high speed, the more that you will earn.

Be sure to build up a collection of cars that can accomplish different tasks. Rear wheel drive cars are best for drifting. Front wheel drive cars are fairly limited, but are still good in drag races, and road races if they are upgraded enough. All wheel drive cars are best in sprint races.

Be sure to make frequent trips to the tuning shop, because there are tons of different parts on the car that you can tune. If you need more speed, you can modify and upgrade various engine components, or do an engine swap entirely. Upgrade the suspension in order to improve the handling on your car, and upgrade the body of the car in order to increase the aerodynamics, making it easier to take hard turns without either oversteering or understeering.

Don’t forget to upgrade the brakes of your car as well. The upgrades for the brakes are listed under the suspension, even though they technically have a different effect. The more that you upgrade the brakes, the faster that you’ll be able to go in a straightaway, and still be able to slow the car down enough to successfully make a turn, which is why brakes are so massively important and almost all types of racing.

Additionally, be sure not to cheap out on the tire upgrades. Tires can affect almost every aspect of the car, from the weight and the acceleration to the steering and handling, as well as your breaking power, so spend good money on tires, even if they don’t seem like the sexiest upgrade judging by the statistics alone.

You can use the map to automatically map out a route to anywhere and then follow the blue arrows for a route, or you can pay cash if you want to teleport. You can also purchase houses all around the city, and if you own more than one house, you will be able to teleport between the two (or more) houses for free. Even though it’s expensive to buy houses, not only will you be able to move around the city faster, but you will be able to store more cars, as well, due to more overall garage space.

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