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Heroes vs. Hordes – Full Weapon Skill Guide and Tier List

Heroes vs. Hordes is a very popular survival roguelike game where you play against hundreds and thousands of enemies and bosses. You cannot only use your primary hero and their weapons, but you can also use various weapon skills that you pick up in battle. On top of that, you can evolve these weapon skills using passive skills in order to unlock the evolutions.

Read on for a full guide to all active skills, weapon, skills, and a tier list of which ones are the best and the worst in Heroes vs. Hordes!

Out of all of the available skills, the one that stays useful throughout the course of an entire match is the divine aura. The divine aura creates a wall around the character that not only pushes enemies back, but continues to do a significant amount of damage as you upgrade it, allowing you to easily deal with mobs, especially because there are so few mobs that shoot projectiles.

The best part about it is that it evolves into the vampire aura, which not only does double the DPS, but heals your character whenever you knock off an enemy using the aura itself. This not only improves your longevity, but allows you to go for an extremely long time during the coin rush.

The fire orbs are a skill that does not start off being very useful, but as you upgrade them, and as you get the duplicator tome, they become far more useful, because you can have a massive amount of fireballs surrounding you. They will move faster, and as they increase in quantity, they can do a significant amount of damage.

The best part about the fire orb is that it evolves into the flame wheel, which creates a wall of fire around your character that never goes away. The flame wheel surrounds your character entirely, and does a massive amount of damage, and is one of the rare skills that is extremely effective against both mobs and bosses.

The chained lightning is the next most effective skill; this one bounces back and forth between enemies, filling the screen, and doing damage to mobs. as you continue to upgrade this one and continue to get duplicator tomes, this one can deal with the toughest mobs in fairly short order, and if you look at the statistics during the pause screen, this is usually the overall DPS leader.

This evolves into the thunderbolt, which fires off every two seconds or so and launches all possible lightning at once. This can actually be a little bit of a downgrade if you don’t have the duplicator tome, but if you do, and if you have upgraded it to the highest possible level, then it becomes an extremely effective way to deal with mobs.

The crossbow is another one that is extremely effective, because it shoots arrows that bounce around the screen and pierced through everything in their path. As you continue to upgrade, more and more crossbows will appear on the screen.

Even better is the fact that it evolves into the crosswing. There is only one crosswing that zooms around, but it’s extremely wide, extremely fast, does high damage, and never goes away, making it amazing for dealing with mobs.

The bomb is a pretty good skill to use, because, even though the aim is completely random, it does a fair amount of area damage. With a number of upgrades and duplicators, added it to your arsenal, you can end up, throwing a massive amount of bombs around, and the effect is multiplied by getting the area tome.

In addition, the bomb evolves into the x42 rocket, which fires multiple exploding projectiles around the screen. The projectiles have a set path, and anything they hit while they are on that path or will get damaged then, when they explode, the explosions will damage anything around them, and those explosions are large.

The dragons breath is a fairly strong weapon, skill that you cannot unlock later in the game, which causes a surge of fire to blow out in front of you. This isn’t as good of a boss killer, as you might think it to be, but if you spin around, while the fire is blowing out, you can very easily take out a surprisingly gigantic amount of mobs.

This evolves into the dragons inferno, which not only gives you a much larger, dragon breath, but summons to dragons to fight side-by-side with you. Dragon’s inferno is an excellent area damage weapon, although arguably not to the same degree as the flame wheel and the vampire aura, which is why it has a slightly lower rating.

The hammer is a decently effective weapon, but it ranks fairly low on our list, because each hammer breaks after it hits one single enemy. So while successive upgrades may cause loads of hammers to appear, the mob damage is not the best.

The hammer becomes more effective, though, when it evolves into the Warhammer. The Warhammer shoots out in a circle from your character, and they also pierce through, absolutely everything, but they only fire off about once every eight seconds.

The boomerang is, surprisingly, one of the better mid-tier weapons out there, because the boomerang‘s do not dissipate when they hit their target. Instead, they will pierce through everything. The only reason that they rank so low is that the range is limited, and that they’re targeting is completely random.

The boomerang evolves into the herorang, which circles around the hero when it’s thrown, and is larger than a boomerang. This makes it a pretty decent weapon for targeting area mobs.

The arcane staff is a weapon that targets exactly one enemy and does massive amounts of damage to them. It can fire off more raise at a time as you upgrade it more, but because mobs are generally so much harder to be then bosses in this game, and because you can’t specifically target minibosses, this weapon ranks fairly low on the list.

The arcane staff evolves into the Death ray, which targets the strongest enemy on the screen and never breaks target until that enemy is defeated. Sometimes, the targeting can be questionable, though, and this weapon is absolutely useless for mobs.

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The ice wand will shoot a single beam at an enemy and freeze them. Just like the arcane staff, the ice wand will target only one enemy at a time per projectile, and it will do less damage, but it will leave a freezing effect.

This weapon is most effective against minibosses, but in order to target them effectively, you typically have to get too close for comfort anyways. The frost nova is the evolution, and is more effective because it causes an entire freezing area on impact, not just a single point of impact.

The poison darts and the venom vial are the last weapons that can be unlocked in this game, but we have not had a chance to try them out and rank them against the other weapons, yet, so we will leave them off of our rankings.