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Chichens – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Chichens is a new iOS and Android game by HyperBeard that’s all about raising Chichens – characters that sometimes do and sometimes don’t look like chickens. Your goal in this game is move from terrain to terrain and discover all of the varieties of Chichens that you can, while earning coins and purple feathers. Read on for some tips and tricks for Chichens!

One trick that you can do only one time, for some reason, is to make it so that your eggs are ready to hatch immediately by setting the time ahead on your phone. Once you do the trick, though, the game starts syncing up to its own time server and the trick stops working. Use your one shot at this trick when you have as many eggs as you can possibly get.

Don’t spend your feathers on coins, and don’t spend your coins or your purple plumes on food. Save your plumes for when you need to unlock another terrain, because if you blow them, then it will take forever to get them back as a f2p player, because one plume will cost 600 coins to purchase.

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There are three ways to get more food: spend coins on 100 food, watch a video for 200 food, or spend one feather on 1,200 plumes. If you’re a free-to-play player, then videos are by far the best bet, because you’re going to need a lot of it to feed a lot of chichens, and if you spend coins on it, then your coin earnings will be completely mooted by what you spend on food.

So the quickest way to earn coins in this game, by far, is to watch videos for food, feed your chichens to level 10, and then sell them off for a vastly increased price over what they were at level one. It takes one food to feed a level one chichen, but it takes more food with each level gained, meaning it takes NINE food to feed a level nine chichen just one time.

If you have no data on your phone, goodies such as the treasure chests won’t pop up, meaning you’ll miss out on big opportunities to earn coin and feather rewards. Play with a data connection as often as possible. If you are playing without a connection, use that time to find eggs and put them on the incubator to hatch and collect big rewards later.