Crossing Void Global: How To Get Player Experience and Get Free Energy

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Crossing Void Global, or Dengeki Bunko: Crossing Void, is a fully-featured anime-based gacha RPG featuring characters and storylines from multiple animes. Your goal in this game is to quest through numerous story stages, unlock a ton of characters, complete challenges, and more.

To do this, you’re going to need energy, and much of the game unlocks later on, when you gain enough Player Levels, or Void Levels. The chase for player levels can be tedious, but there are plenty of ways to load up on free energy and player experience.

Read on for a guide to getting free energy and loading up on player experience levels in Crossing Void Global, or Dengeki Bunko: Crossing Void!

Gaining player experience is done in a few main ways. One is to complete the story levels, and the other is to complete specific challenges that give you player experience.

Battles take a long time to beat, generally, but the good news is that you don’t have to take forever on the toughest battles in order to load up on player experience. Repeating battles earns you the same amount of player experience per energy point spent as doing old battles, so you can replay any battle you want.

You can also double or triple the amount of energy spent, and thus double or triple the amount of rewards. So the fastest way to gain player experience is to auto-battle old Chapter 1 battles that finish quickly, using the 18 Energy option, in order to earn 18 experience points in short succession.

Another really quick way to gain experience points is to go to the Treasure Hunt challenge, then increase the energy expenditure to a whopping 36 energy. Do this, and when you beat the level, you will earn 36 player experience points in one shot.

Still another great source of experience points comes when you unlock the Guild mode at level 23. When you do, you’ll be able to send your party members out on missions that take a long time, up to 8 hours. You’ll earn 5 experience points for every hour, meaning that an 8-hour mission will earn you 40 experience points, and a 4-hour mission will earn you 20 experience points.

Energy is used whenever you engage in any battle that earns you experience points. So when you go on a story mission or a Treasure Hunt, you spend 1 energy for every 1 experience point that you earn. However, when you go on a challenge that doesn’t provide experience points, such as the Gold Trial, you won’t have to spend any energy.

Getting more energy is the key to gaining experience points, so what you really want is to maximize your energy. There are a ton of ways to get free energy in the game, because there are a ton of different missions to complete.

Event missions are the most likely to provide free energy upon completion; as an example, there are a ton of Rookie Project quests, and most of them provide a degree of free energy when you complete them. So seek out the ones which provide energy as a reward, then go and complete them.

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Going back to the Guild Dispatch mission, if you want to max out the energy that you get, send a group of your heroes on one of the missions that provide free energy as a boost. Not all of them do, but some of them do.

Every time you gain an experience level, you’ll also earn ten free energy. Not only that, but you will also increase the maximum amount of energy that you can hold by 10.

The maximum energy limit only counts when it comes to energy restoring over time, though; if you have full energy and you collect the rewards from a mission or from a dispatch, though, you’ll be able to go over the energy limit.

Other than that, you’ll have to spend Maigo if you want to get a full energy restoration. You can spend 60 Maigo for 100 energy. If you get a lot of free Maigo and never spend it, though, then energy could be your best bet if you are impatient.

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