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Dictator 2 – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Dictator 2 is the sequel to the smash hit Dictator: Revolt by Tigrido, the original dictator simulator where your balance of making people happy or angry (police, the oligarchs, the peasants, the mafia, military, etc) can make or break your rule as a dictator. This one takes the familiar formula, adds a card-battling function to it for you to use to take over other countries, and region management to earn yourself more money and hang onto power for as long as you can. Read on for some tips and tricks for Dictator 2!

The most important thing that you can do at any time is to go to the region management screen of your country and purchase the bank and all of the other options. Not only will they add more money to your dictator retirement fund (which earns over time and which you can collect whenever you want to) but they enable you to imprison a certain faction or even to gain approval from that faction by doing nothing at all.

Running out of money leads to instant death, so if you are about to run out, yet you have purchased the regions in question, then go to the country’s region management and collect what you can or, if you don’t have any collection built up in the bank yet, then leave the game alone for awhile. You can also watch free advertisement videos in exchange for more cash in the game. Each video earns you 100,000 cash.

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It’s usually fairly easy to take over another country in battle. Once you do, you will be able to purchase more regions to earn money and support, but you will have a whole new set of factions to keep happy, adding to the complication of the game. The more countries that you have, the more decisions you have to make, but the more money you earn. Add new countries slowly to be sure that you can handle the workload.

Be extremely careful with the decisions that you make towards a faction that you hold an audience for. A bad decision can piss off the wrong people, and a really bad decision can take away the approval of multiple factions, making it extremely tough to come back and reestablish your safety as The Dictator.

You can either allow the game to pick your cards for you when you go into battle, or you can do the picking yourself. Generally, the given cards should be more than adequate for winning a battle; start changing up the card mix only if you come to a battle that you cannot win.