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Level 1: The differences are the rug on the floor, the window shade, the extra couch pillow, the color of the pillow on the chest, and the bottles on the shelf.

Level 2: The differences are the cloud in the window, the air conditioning unit under the window, the light shining on the bed from the window, the note on the wall, and the curtain next to the bed.

Level 3: The differences are the wall clock, the chalkboard, the desk drawers, the small trash can next to the file cabinet, and the print on the right side of the file cabinet.

Level 4: The differences are the trees outside the window, storage on top of the refrigerator, light on the ceiling, books on the bookshelf, and magazines on the coffee table.

Level 5: The differences are the moon outside of the window, the color of the oven mitt next to the pan, color of the mug on the table, color of the back of the chair, and the boxes on the kitchen shelf.

Level 6: The differences are the ladder height, the color of the ceiling lamp, the bag on the door, the blanket draped over the brown crate, and the water heater.

Level 7: The differences are the wall lamp, the extra controller on the floor, the VHS on the VCR, the rocket on the shelf, and the color of the chair.

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Level 8: The differences are the shower curtain rod, the shower faucet, the toothbrush holder, the color of the towels, and the second rug.

Level 9: The differences are the clock on the bookshelf, the extra books, the pillow color, the flowers on the nightstand, and the painting on the wall left of the window.

Level 10: The differences are the word “central” on the window, the chair color, their on the right, the ceiling light, and the coffee cup.

Level 11: The differences are the rolling backpack, the ski poles, the green scarf on the lady’s neck, the dog color, and the christmas presents in the person’s arms.

Level 12: The scissors on the table, the bow in her hair, the coffee mug color, the extra paper on the stack, and the direction that the spindle is facing.

Level 13: The black cat, the hat on the head of the person on the pumpkin, the extra plant in the ground, the wall shelf, and the fruit on the tree.

Level 14: The saw on the table, the frame under the table, the person’s hat, the bananas on the dress, and the yellow paper on the ground.

Level 15: The boat color, the man’s trunks, the dog, the color of the other dog, and the rock on the ground.

Level 16: The folded umbrella color, the strap over the person’s chest, the man’s pants color, the woman’s backpack, and the woman’s black purse.

Level 17: The lamp next to the black lamp, the houseplant’s leaf count, the other plant next to the black lamp, the yellow light on the ceiling, and the woman’s clutch.

Level 18: The man’s orange shopping bag, the rat with a present on it next to the woman, the old person’s extra bag, the blue slim bag in front of a wide blue bag, and the present in the person’s shopping cart.

Level 19: The direction the gourds on the ground are facing, the leaf pile behind the rake, the extra plant in the ground, the fruits on the young tree, and the extra hay pile.

Level 20: The color on the phone screen, the bag in the woman’s arm, the door handle, the elbow of the woman in the dress, and the two rectangles next to the windows.

Level 22: The purple and blue striped fish, the yellow and blue striped fish, one of the background sharks, the starfish, and the green clam.

Level 23: The green street sign, the fire hydrant, the traffic cone, the color of the cargo on top of the car, and the extra cloud in the sky.

Level 24: The shark in the background, the purple coral becomes yellow, the purple and blue fish near the anchor, the hole in the rock formation, and the window in the ship.

Level 25: The tree branch in the background, the red flower turns purple, the door on the house, the extra mushroom, and the extra flower on the left side.

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