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Dobu: Furry Fighters – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Dobu: Furry Fighters is new game for the iOS and Android platforms where your goal is to last as long as possible against a falling flurry of foes. Your goal is to last as long as possible, as well as to unlock all kinds of new furry fighters using the coins that you earn. Your performance can make or break your score in many different ways. Read one for some tips and tricks for the iOS and Android platforms!

Whatever color you tap, it will break any enemy of the same color that is on the lowest line. So if there is nobody of the same color on the lowest line, then you will be delayed while your characters recover from the mistaken tap. If you tap and there’s one or more enemies of that color in the bottom line, they will all pop.

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Tap while the enemy is as high up on the screen as possible. For one thing, if you tap while they are higher up, you’ll be able to keep the bottom row higher and make it easier to time the next ones. Plus, you will earn a higher point total per enemy when you knock them off higher on the screen.

Purchase new furries as soon as you can and start with the cheapest ones that you can purchase. Each new one that you buy will raise your bar for revival chances, no matter whether you actually use it or not, and they will all raise the bar by the same amount, which is why you should start from the cheapest available fighter that you can.

Want to earn more coins? Make sure that you have an internet connection, then keep playing until the treasure box icon pops up. Once it does, tap on it and you can play a video. Once the video ends, you will earn ten coins. Early on, this will be enough to buy you two different characters, but later on, you’ll need multiple videos in order to have enough coin for the next character.

As you destroy more enemies on a level, the multiplier will get higher. Once you pass 50/50 lines cleared, you’ll make it to stage 2. As you get to later stages, the speed of the enemies will increase, but so will the amount of points that you earn from each one that you knock off.