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Eatventure: Rare Equipment Guide – How to get Rare, Epic, Legendary, Ultimate, and Unique Equipment

Eatventure is an extremely popular clicking game for the iOS and android platforms, and it’s easy to see why. You can make your way through a whole host of cities, play through different types of restaurants, and cook many different varieties of food. Notably, you can also give equipment to your main character that boosts your profits, as well as many other statistics within the game.

This equipment comes in six different rarities. You can get rare, common, epic, legendary, ultimate, or unique equipment. The higher the rarity level of your equipment, the more it will boost your income, and the wider variety of secondary characteristics it will contain.

Read on to find out how to get every different equipment type and rarity in Eatventure!

Common equipment, which is denoted by the gray background, is the most basic type of equipment that you can get. This is the equipment that you will find the most, but this is also the equipment with the lowest statistical boost, and it does not contain any secondary statistics at all. Still, you want to collect large numbers of this equipment so that you can use it to upgrade your equipment of a higher rarity.

Rare equipment is almost as common and easy to find as common equipment, but each piece of rare equipment has a significantly higher statistical boost than the equivalent common equipment. Rare equipment is the stuff that has a green background. Both small boxes and big boxes alike are very likely to contain rare equipment, with big boxes having a slightly higher chance.

Epic equipment is the equipment with a purple background, and the statistics are far better than the ones on rare equipment. In addition, rare equipment typically has two different secondary characteristics, instead of just one.

In order to find epic equipment, you can occasionally (but very rarely, VERY rarely) get some from the small boxes, but the big boxes are far more likely to give you epic equipment. The big boxes do cost more gems though, at 200 apiece compared to the 40 that the small box costs.

Event boxes, which cost 250 gems apiece, are also likely to give you epic equipment. not only are they also less likely to give you common equipment than the big boxes are, but they are also far more likely to give you ultimate equipment blueprints.

Additionally, when the merchant comes around in specific special timed events throughout the game, you can purchase specific pieces of epic equipment (or common or rare equipment) by spending the orange balls that you can obtain throughout the event as currency. You can also get boxes this way, but you can get specific pieces of equipment as well, which gives you more of a sure thing.

Legendary equipment has an orange background, and is far, far more difficult to acquire than the epic equipment. There is a very, very slim chance at earning legendary equipment blueprints from big boxes, and absolutely zero chance at earning it from small boxes. You can occasionally earn these blueprints from event boxes, as well.

A blueprint gives you a combination of items that you can merge together in order to get the legendary equipment. Each blueprint consists of two identical pieces of epic equipment and three identical pieces of rare equipment. Once you have all of the required equipment, you will be able to instantly unlock the legendary piece.

Ultimate equipment is the highest tier of equipment, and has a red background. There are no boxes that allow you to unlock the equipment by itself, but you can unlock ultimate equipment with a blueprint. These blueprints can only be found inside of the event boxes, not at all in the big boxes.

Ultimate blueprints will consist of one piece of legendary equipment, two identical pieces of epic equipment, and three identical pieces of rare equipment. This means that the process of getting enough equipment to merge together for an ultimate piece is extremely time consuming, but the absolutely massive statistical boost from the piece of ultimate equipment is 100% worth it.

Of course, the massive statistical boost will not be completely obvious right away; the largest boosts come from when you upgrade the experience level of your equipment, and with each successive experience level, the amount of profit in percentage points that you add increases even more. Whenever possible, avoid using a high-level piece of equipment to complete a blueprint; save it and use it later to level up your new piece of equipment that came from the blueprint.

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There are also various different secondary characteristics that come with each piece of equipment that you unlock, which stay steady no matter how many upgrades that you put on your equipment, but that can have far more important effects than simply the profit boost, or can have major effects that augment the profit boost very strongly. This can include the likelihood of getting perfect food, which is the gold food, and greatly increasing the speed that your characters walk.

Unique equipment is a special tier of equipment, and the method of acquisition is different from every other piece of equipment here. In order to get unique equipment, you have to wait for a special event to come around. Most events do not contain unique equipment, but there are a select few that do, and they tend to come around rarely.

Once it does, go look at the rewards, and often, there will be a method of earning a special piece or set of equipment. Follow whatever steps are given in the event in order to earn the unique equipment for your character. If you cannot find any particular steps to earn unique equipment that are associated with this particular event, then there is no piece of unique equipment tied to the event.

You can use that equipment whenever you want to after you earn it, but if you don’t earn the equipment in the event before it goes away, then the equipment goes away forever, or at least until the developers decide to bring it back for another event.

As far as actual effectiveness goes, unique equipment is roughly similar to ultimate equipment. This means that the statistical boost will be significant and enormous, and that there will be four different secondary statistics associated with each piece of unique equipment. For that reason, whenever you get the chance to find and own a piece of unique equipment, take that chance.

So far, that concludes all of the different equipment rarities in the game, and this concludes this guide, but we will continue to update has more equipment and rarities, and more different ways to earn said equipment, are added to the game.